10 Hulu Original Series That Will Turn Your “Netflix and Chill” to “Hulu and Chill”

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“Netflix and Chill” no more! Hulu is giving Netflix a run for its money with its addicting, original shows. And The Handmaiden’s Tale is only the tip of the iceberg. Hulu continues to produce its own series that fans completely rave over.

Check out 10 Hulu Original Series that you’ll want to binge on for days.

1. The Mindy Project

In this romantic-comedy series starring Mindy Kailing, who also starred in The Office, Mindy is an obstetrician/gynecologist. “Easily the most binge-worthy show on Hulu because unlike a lot of sitcoms, it hooks you from episode one,” said Boston College student Gavin DaCosta. Mindy’s day-to-day life in New York City always presents new challenges and obstacles in all areas of life. With her team of co-workers, Mindy develops unique, and sometimes frustrating, relationships with each distinct personality. Nonetheless, Mindy strives to build her practice and find herself a quality man. Every episode’s predicament consists of hilarious trials and triumphs.

2. Shut Eye

Shut Eye follows the career of a failed magician, Charlie Haverford, who now works as a scammer/psychic. He owns psychic storefronts in the Los Angeles area, but after a sudden switch of events, the scam becomes reality. “I’m from L.A., so when I heard of Shut Eye, I thought I’d watch a few episodes, and it kind of bugged me out in the best way,” said BC student Brianna Watson. In the series, Charlie finds himself seeing visions that redefine truth as he knows it. If only Charlie could’ve “seen” this life-altering clairvoyance coming… (ba-dum-tsss)

3. Casual

Casual is your ultimate comedy of family forced together again. In the series, a single brother and a newly-divorced sister come together to raise her daughter and develop new meaning. In attempt to start over, they guide each other through the difficulties of raising a teen, dating and coexisting under the same roof again. Let’s just say this isn’t always the most ideal situation for anyone involved.

4. 11.22.63

James. Franco. If that isn’t enough to make you want to watch this eight-part drama series, I don’t know what is. Franco stars as Jake Epping, an average high school teacher faced with the task of travelling back in time to a traumatic day in history. In his travels to November 22, 1963, the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, he searches for the question: Who killed JFK? During his journey, he struggles with the reality of this significant event in history and ponders why it is seemingly impossible to prevent. How can one alter the past, and will this journey lead to more demise?

5. I <3 You, America with Sarah Silverman

In this politically charged comedy starring Sarah Silverman, she attempts to begin a dialogue with those who do not share her views. “Silverman is one of my favorite actresses. Watch this show, and you’ll see why. Hilarious in the most informative of ways,” said BC political science major Gianna Murray. With the frequent insertion of hilariously idiotic humor, Silverman challenges the viewer to continue connecting with those we disagree with by being honest and truly fascinated by her own experiences during the show. Silverman shows that these dilemmas are very timely in the midst of a controversial political climate in the U.S.

6. Castle Rock

Stephen King fans, this one’s for you. This psycho-thriller (duh) is set in a fictional town called Castle Rock and alludes to many of King’s literary successes: Cujo, The Dark Half, IT and Needful Things, as well as novella The Body and numerous short stories such as Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption.

7. East Los High

Romance, angst and dance. East Los High is a five-time Emmy-nominated series that surrounds a group of Latino teenagers making their way through high school in Los Angeles. This witty series is Hulu’s very first all-Latino casted show. The teens face real-life decisions about sex, drugs, peer pressure and relationships. A perfect setup for drama to ensue and tough choices to be made. Spoiler alert: Prince Royce joined the cast in 2016.

8. Marvel’s The Runaways

Calling all superhero/villain junkies. A group of teens band together because of an unlikely common theme in their lives—their parents. They’re all criminals of sorts. Tara McLeod, a fan of The Runaways, said, “The show’s great, and it even kind of makes me wish my parents were like theirs.” The teens don’t always enjoy each other’s company. But they’re all on a quest to discover their parents’ secrets. This road can and does get rocky.

9. The Looming Tower

This series follows the competition between the CIA and FBI in the 1990s as well as the threats of Osama Bin Laden followed by the events of 9/11. The series focuses on two counterterrorism divisions in the FBI and CIA who work towards protecting the U.S. from attacks. Though their goals align, setbacks unfold during the show which makes the audience wonder who fought harder for information.

10. The Awesomes

Looking for an animated, adult show to binge? Consider The Awesomes your new favorite cartoon. This series, inspired by the comedy of Seth Meyers (also a co-creator of the show), follows the format of a story-telling comic book. “It is so funny and has the same kind of watching value as Bob’s Burgers or something like that,” said BC student Jess Brueder. The show follows a group of wannabe superheroes who just want to find a way to serve justice.

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