10 Christmas Gifts for Hipsters

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So you have hipster friends and Christmas is right around the corner. What in the world do you get them? They hate your mainstream music, don’t relate to your obsession with reality television and can’t hide their frustration with your lack of commitment to recycling and veganism. This means that Nicki Minaj’s new album, the DVD collection of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and a membership to the Cheese Club of the Month are out of the question. So let’s get creative — here are 10 gift ideas to get your hipster friend this Christmas.

1. Binatone Brick

For $70 dollars you can travel back to the 1980’s and chat with your friends on this monster. It works by connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It can’t be mainstream if it’s from 30 years ago.

Price: $69.88

2. Bird Wire Photo Hanger

Every hipster needs a place to hang up all of those pictures of their food they’ve taken over the years.

Price: $9.72

3. Beer Brewing Kit

Every hipster knows that the only beer worth drinking is craft beer, and even then sometimes it just doesn’t make the cut. Give your hipster friend his own brewing set, that way the only beer they will ever drink is their own.

Price: $91.80

4. Driftwood iPhone Charger

Your hipster friend will be able to harness nature’s energy and recharge her iPhone in a charger disguised as a piece of wood. The wood itself is from the shore of Maine and hand-polished before being converted into an electronic device.

Price: $78.99

5. Grazed and Confused Terrarium

Crafted in the motherland of hipsterdom, this gift is straight from Brooklyn, New York. This mini ecosystem in a jar is perfect for any nature-loving hipster and requires minimal care. You can get it for just $75 dollars.

Price: $75.00

6. Diana Camera

It’s like Instagram and a digital camera had a baby. The camera applies color effects, lighting changes and blurring to make every image random and unique. At just $50, the Diana camera is perfect for any hipster willing to risk taking an imperfect photo.

Price: $49.95

7. Hammock

Gifting your hipster friend with a hammock will grant them the freedom to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether they’re whipping up a new tune on their ukulele or reading a couple chapters of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, they will surely enjoy these activities much more whilst relaxing in their hammock.

Price: $56.99

8. “Name That Moustache” Game

If you’re going to grow obscure amounts of facial hair in the name of unconformity then you better educate yourself on the specific styles. This game will provide any hipster with the knowledge of the names and descriptions of different styles, making them an expert in facial hair grandeur.

Price: $9.98

9. “The Nourished Kitchen: Farm to Table Recipes” Recipe Book

Although not vegan, this cookbook provides a ton of recipe ideas for the diehard-only-organic hipster. Some of the recipes in the book include naturally fermented vanilla mint soda and chicken in Riesling with peas. Sounds simply divine!

Price: $18.66

10. Ceramic Megaphone Sound Amplifier

Because who uses speakers anymore? With this subtle desk piece, your hipster friend will wow everyone with his innovative approach to musical enjoyment.

Price: $699.00

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