Top 7 Quirks of San Diego State

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1.Have a class in Adams Humanities? With it’s maze-like hallways and its oddly numbered rooms, you better scout out your classes the day before because you’re likely to get more lost than Dora the Explorer.

2. “It never rains in San Diego,” but when it does, the typical SDSU student can be seen wearing a uniform of Ugg Boots and jean shorts.

3. Stay out of the red bike lane, unless you want to get run over.

4. Don’t ride your bike or skateboard on the bridge. University Police will find you and you will get a ticket.

5. You can eat at the Dining Room at Cuicacalli, but don’t get mad if something doesn’t sit right with your stomach.

6. It’s lunch, you’re hungry and you want to eat at the Olive Oil Café. Good luck, the line is probably out the door. If you choose to stay, their Ultimate Grilled Cheese is well worth the wait.

7. If you’re not in the mood to see Greek Letters everywhere you go, I’d suggest you always look down when you walk on campus or don’t choose this campus.

Jason Credo is a fourth-year English major at San Diego State University. He hopes to one day be able to write an Emmy award-winning TV show that gets ten seasons and then becomes syndicated.

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