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Journalism Internship, Washington D.C.

If there is such a thing as journalism heaven, The Washington Post is in the running. As the oldest circulating newspaper in D.C., interning there would be nothing short of prestigious. The Post is looking for all you future Rory Gilmores to bless its paper with ambitious reporters who long to expose the truth. Say goodbye to writing about the local boring gossip and hello to reaching Watergate Scandal levels.

What it’s actually like

The Post doesn’t waste time with making copies and grabbing coffee. You may feel like you’re at the bottom of the food chain, but the publication treats you like a pro from the start. You’ll be asked to conduct interviews, investigate news and write for multiple departments.

Cool stuff you get to do

The publication is skilled in appealing to everyone from a Tri Delt to your 80-year-old grandmother. Your assignments are far from monotonous. One day you’re writing about a governor’s sex scandal, the next you’re reporting about the Ebola epidemic. All these stories give you the opportunity to work with the celebrities of journalism and working next to the best editors and writers in the country will make you go from professional intern, to nerdy fan-girl.

What you’ll learn

As ancient as it sounds, the publication still prints its news. The Post teaches you classic print journalism while also coaching you in online journalism. After this internship you’ll be able to do things the old fashioned way and still be able to appeal to millennials. Want a head start in this competitive field? Picking the brains of experienced writers is fair game at The Post.

How to prepare for your application

Think back to senior year of high school and racking your brain for a non-cliché personal essay. The essay should link your life experiences with your passion for journalism to highlight why you think this is the career for you. Dedication is a must. Even their application process is exhausting, requiring the essay, application form, your resume, writing samples and letters of recommendation.

Skills that impress them

Writing isn’t the rarest talent, so the paper appreciates a unique perspective. Anyone can find out a story and get a few quotes then sum it up in a pretty sounding article. The Washington Post wants a new voice and a distinctive way of storytelling. Bottom line: Standing out is worth more than flawless grades. A perfect GPA is so last year.

Cool perks

The Washington Post provides the ultimate perk: a possible full time job. Many of their past interns made the cut to get their own desk in this elite newsroom. Show your passion for the news and you may be living the dream after graduation.

The Deets

Summer, Fall and Spring internships are offered
Writing experience required
Limited to juniors, seniors and grads
Can be a paid internship

Were you a Washington Post intern? Share your internship experience in the comments below.

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