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Dow Jones News Fund Editing Internship

The Dow Jones News Fund is a national organization that selects interns for different news publications, the Times being one of them. The New York Times has won more Pulitzers than any other news organization in the world. That statistic alone should be enough to tell you that these guys don’t mess around when it comes to the most important aspects of journalism—ethics, excellence and style.

What it’s actually like

Before heading to a news outlet for the summer, interns attend a weeklong seminar covering topics like newsroom protocol, journalistic ethics and headline writing. Basically, you get your butt kicked at boot camp, and then you blast off into the high-speed, high-stakes world of editing a daily publication. “From Day 1, you’ll be working on live stories for the print and web products, and after being (quickly) brought up to speed on the department’s workflow, you’ll be expected to handle a full load.”—Brett Knight, Staff Editor at the New York Times, Summer 2010 Sports Editing Intern

Cool stuff you get to do

Whichever department you end up working in, you’ll be handling hot stories and having a direct effect on what gets printed. “In sports, interns are often expected to handle many of the section’s sport-specific roundups of wire copy…Interns will handle more prominent articles, too, which can include stories on the section’s dress page or even stories on the front page of the entire newspaper.”—Brett Knight

What you’ll learn

Working at a prestigious publication like the Times gives you insight into how a top news organization functions. You’ll also hone your already-impressive editing skills to a fine point. “Grammar and word usage are important, but there is an emphasis on news judgment, too, whether that means knowing how to spot a suspicious fact, recognizing when the story structure is off or when important questions are unanswered, or selecting an item to lead a wire roundup.”—Brett Knight

How to prepare for your application

How to stand out in a crowd of stellar applicants? Have significant experience working on a campus publication, get amazing grades and kill your essay and the editing test. “Because the editing internships are through the Dow Jones News Fund, just about the only way to distinguish yourself in your application is to kick butt on the editing test.”—Brett Knight

Skills that impress them

A sharp eye, insane writing and editing skills and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Cool perks

Networking, networking, networking! It’s the Times—you’re bound to run into or even end up working with some of the top journalists in the world. “I’ve had the chance to meet many of the people whose articles I’ve read for years, as well as Pulitzer Prize winners and editors shaping stories that influence the entire world.”—Brett Knight

The deets

10 weeks in the summer

Open to juniors, seniors and graduate students

$1,000 DJNF scholarship upon completion and return to college

To apply, keep an eye on the application website.


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