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Newsroom Internship, Miami, FL

For those of you living in or craving the sweltering South Florida heat, The Miami Herald offers internships to ambitious college journalists. SoFlo’s diverse and cultured community gives journalists a myriad of topics and angles to cover. The daily newspaper boasts 20 Pulitzers, and provides internship opportunities for fluent Spanish speakers at El Nuevo Herald.

What it’s actually like

Decide what area is for you – news, business, features and sports reporting, photography/videography, copyediting, design or multimedia. Interns will be treated like professionals and challenged to write stories. Angel Doval, newsroom assistant at The Miami Herald, says the articles can cover a variety of topics like city and town news, events and sports.

Cool stuff you get to do

One of the things that bring writers validation is publication. If you’re lucky and crazy talented, your assignments can end up on the front page. Say goodbye to your intern days consumed with espressos and lattes, because you have a real chance to be published.

What you’ll learn

According to The Miami Herald, interns are given “the opportunity to hone their craft working with the country’s top professionals in the most interesting, diverse and news-intensive city in the United States.” Interns learn the ins and outs of the newsroom while surrounded by a melting pot of cultures and industries.

How to prepare for your application

Write a cover letter that stands out from the crowd. What makes you so special? List all of your accomplishments and experience in a tidy resume (as your editor would say, be concise!). You’ll also need to prepare six to eight samples of your best work in a portfolio and provide three references with contact information.

Skills that impress them

It’s no secret that in today’s publishing world, paper is out and digital is the new black. Multimedia work is not only impressive, but it’s also necessary at The Miami Herald. And as with any editorial internship, exceptional writing is a must. And from one Miami native to another, know how to make a killer Cuban coffee. The perfect espuma is the key to the hearts of many Miami residents.

Cool Perks

What’s even better than being published? Getting paid for it. That’s right; interns at The Miami Herald are paid between $9-13 per hour (I know, it’s unreal), which is more than most new writers can say. If you’re a memorable intern, you also have the possibility of continuing to intern during the following fall or spring semester.

The Deets

Application deadline is October 31 for the following summer

10 weeks

Applications should be sent to [email protected] or mailed to Miami Herald Media Company, 3511 NW 91st Avenue, Miami, FL 33172.

P.S. You need to know how to drive and have a car (unless you think Ubering around the city is a good idea).


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