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Editorial Intern in College Voices

Founded in 2005, “HuffPost” is quickly becoming one of cyberspace’s most prominent news platforms. The publication’s prowess continues to expand geographically, not including international editions in the UK, Canada, France and Voces. This vibrant forum covers a nearly endless list of areas: news, politics and business, style, science, religion and mental wellness. Its celebration of black and gay voices extends the (blogging) microphone to a refreshingly large crowd of people.

What It’s Actually Like

Your primary responsibilities will be writing up college-related news articles and brainstorming evergreen content. The quick, incessant rate of production makes for a diligent workforce in HuffPost’s New York City office. “Although people are always moving around the office going to meetings and trainings and heading toward the kitchen for free snacks, you can just tell that the writers at their desks are churning out ideas and thinking about how to perfect their craft.” –Nina Friend, a former editorial intern in College Voices

Cool Stuff You Get to Do

Interns have the exciting opportunity to meet and collaborate with quirky intellectuals from impressive and diverse professional backgrounds. As an intern, you’ll likely even have the chance to shake hands with the queen herself: editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington. “After a book signing event, Arianna gave me a hug and kiss and said, in her famously thick Greek accent, ‘Darling, you were fabulous.’ It was awesome.” –Nina Friend

What You’ll Learn

Editorial interns learn through the most powerful and long-lasting medium: experience. In crafting headlines, comparing online content to print and analyzing the impact of social media, interns gain hands-on journalism experience (pricless). “My HuffPost experience was tremendously fulfilling, in large part because of my amazing bosses who pushed me to explore outside of my comfort zone.” –Nina Friend

How To Prepare For Your Application

Since The Huffington Post has recently begun phasing out of internships to focus on post-grad fellowships, you should gear your undergrad study and work experience towards English, journalism and communication. The selection process for HuffPost fellows is a rigorous one, so make sure you’re fluent in all things Huffington by the time you submit your resume.

Skills That Impress Them

Young and dynamic itself, HuffPost looks for motivated self-starters who are eager to grow professionally and personally. “Although writing can seem like a more individualized activity, so much of HuffPost is about teamwork, so the abilities to compromise and listen to other people’s ideas are also really valuable in the newsroom.” –Nina Friend

Cool Perks

You’ll end the internship with a killer web presence and portfolio of your own stuff. Enough said.

The Deets

40 hours a week

$10 an hour, with time and a half for overtime

Though HuffPost is phasing out of internships, it never hurts to shoot a couple emails to editors to get your name out there.


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Victoria is a junior at the University of Virginia studying media studies and English. She undergoes a minor existential crisis on a weekly basis and plans on changing the world right after this cup of coffee.

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