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Digital Summer Associate, Intern

The British Broadcasting Corporation holds the title of the world’s oldest broadcast company, providing services in radio, television, music and more. The broadcast powerhouse has offices worldwide, from London to New York and Mumbai to Johannesburg. Where there’s an office, there are interns – and the next one could be you. The tips, tricks and hashtags of social media could soon find a place on your resume with an internship at BBC Worldwide.

What it’s actually like                             

In the heart of New York City, breaking news is right under your nose – this internship allows you to learn new, innovative ways to handle news and social media content. Catch up on breaking news updates, check work emails and then strategize ways to keep the buzz on all forums.

Cool stuff you get to do

After researching and analyzing data on social media platforms, you’ll get the chance to pitch long-term projects involving the strategies that you’ve brainstormed. Imagine pitching said project to senior executives, including the president of BBC America. “BBC Campus was a project that included the majority of the digital interns. We had web designers, editorial, digital and research interns working together to come up with the blueprint.” – Mia Simon, Former Digital Summer Associate.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn to master the ins-and-outs of the digital age and emerging media, and become a savvy, digital media extraordinaire, if you will. You’ll also gain the research skills to pitch a long-term project, as well as those oh-so-essential journalism skills.

How to prepare for your application

The BBC looks for movers, shakers and innovators. Have a strong resume (those resume builders really do mean something), put yourself in the right position and believe in yourself. Researching the internship doesn’t hurt, either.

Skills that impress them

Social media savviness and a strong writing background are essential. Be confident in those skills. “When I first got to New York, I was very insecure about my skillset. Everyone in our office was so talented, so I got very nervous. But, I had to trust that I was hired for a reason. And I ended up learning from my fellow interns. It was so rewarding to be challenged every day.” – Mia Simon, Former Digital Summer Associate.

Cool Perks

Nothing beats living in the nation’s heartbeat – New York City. Exploring new territory and discovering city gems makes the intern life pretty sweet. Also, networking and New York bagels? It’s a win-win.

The Deets

To apply, keep an eye on the BBC Worldwide website. A resume, cover letter and references round out the application.

Born in D.C., raised in Maryland, heart set on the world. Junior broadcast journalism major at the University of Maryland. When she’s not in class, Carm enjoys diving into a good book, supporting the Terps, or taking D.C. trips on a whim.

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