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Editorial Internship, New York City, Washington D.C.

Editorial interns for Slate Magazine, a daily online publication, are thrown right into the ring when they enter the office each morning. As brainstormers, researchers and writers, these lucky individuals have the opportunity to learn journalism by hitting the ground running and producing dynamic content.

A relatively young news platform, Slate has been swiftly rising to prominence since 1996. The online platform offers snappy wit and commendable insight on news, technology, business, culture and politics. With an editorial voice this strong, interns had better come in wearing their game faces.

What It’s Actually Like

Whether you’re coming into the office on an average morning or a day chock full of breaking news, one thing is for sure: You’ll have plenty to do. “On breaking news days it can be an incredibly high-paced environment with assignments for blog posts coming fast and furious,” senior editor Jeremy Stahl said. On quieter days, you’ll have long term projects to work on. Plus, the Slate office is always abuzz with editorial conversation you’re encouraged to participate in.

Cool Stuff You Get To Do

If you pitch a good idea, Slate is down to be your platform. Capable writers are rewarded with writing assignments—so you’ll have to earn your keep—but there’s nothing like working somewhere where you’re encouraged to share your ideas. “We still encourage our interns to pitch their own ideas as much as possible and the ones who are active about pitching are generally the ones who thrive the most,” Stahl said. In addition to writing, you could be researching articles, transcribing interviews, sorting books or moderating comments on any given day at Slate.

What You’ll Learn

If all goes well, you’ll acquire a skill essential to compelling journalism: the ability to captivate an audience. “Interns will hopefully walk away from the internship learning how to craft ideas and pitches into stories that editors will want to take and audiences will want to read,” Stahl said.

Application Preparation

“We are looking for smart, fast, and preferably funny writers who know, understand, and appreciate our house style and feel comfortable writing in that style,” Stahl said. If you want to be hired at Slate, it’s not enough to be an eager writer — you’ve got to be well versed in the publication’s vibe, too.

Skills That Impress

Slate wants you to be responsible for your own success. Displaying agency in the workplace and proactivity in story-producing will get you a thumbs-up.

Cool Perks

You’ll be in a big city being paid to get published and build a reputable portfolio. Hello? You’re living the dream.

The Deets

Full time in the summer, 18 hours or so/week in spring and fall

Paid opportunity

Apply online here.


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