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For twelve years of our lives, school has meant the same routine day after day. We have toiled through class after class, with little say in how we spend our school days. That being said, one of the greatest things about college is the freedom to create your own schedule. However you chose to set up your schedule, each option offers its own unique advantages.

Trying to maximize your time? Many students prefer to create a schedule in which their classes are lumped together in one large time block. With this type of schedule, students have more continuous time to study, with no extended breaks for classes. It also leaves them with more free time for social events, an internship or a part time job.
“With a spread-out schedule, you end up being in class all day, and don’t get much free time for other things,” said Lindsay Schruhl, a junior at Westchester University.
There’s also another perk: “I like having my classes close together because it keeps me focused and ready for the next class,” said Brandon Shaw, a sophomore at Morgan State University.
On the other hand, many students prefer to spread their classes out throughout the course of the day rather than bunched together in one block of time. This provides longer breaks between classes, and extra time to finish any work that may have been “forgotten” in the midst of a busy night before.
For the easily distracted student, a spread-out schedule may seem especially appealing. “I don’t like having my classes in one large time block because there are no breaks, and having class after class can get really boring,” said Melissa Krysiak, a junior at Loyola College. Having such short breaks between classes often causes many students’ attention to fade.
However, for many, a loss of leisure time is the biggest drawback to this type of schedule. Many students also complain that they find it difficult to focus during the breaks between their classes, and ultimately end up keeping late hours to squeeze in all of their work.

While every schedule option has its pros and cons, keep in mind that the type of schedule that works best for you depends on your lifestyle. However you decide to spend your days, revel in your ability to choose. Let freedom ring. 

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