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Inkredibly Internship—Remote Position

Inkredibly, founded by Anthony Torres and current Business Developer Adam Popham, is a news site “for the feral hearted.” This uncensored news gets written for millennials, by millennials. There’s no third party here—it’s about young writers and readers speaking their voice while finding it at the same time. The articles produced by Inkredibly hit on social issues, lifestyle, politics, current events and the younger generation. Full of passion, honesty and strong opinions, Inkredibly reflects what young writers can really do.

What it’s actually like

As an intern at Inkredibly, you won’t do coffee runs or proofread endless articles. With a remote internship, being a writing intern means actually writing every week. You’ll pitch, write, edit and post your work on the site like any other writer. “There are no hidden agendas when it comes writing for Inkredibly; there exists a unique openness amongst the writers and editors that forms a rather special community of individuals coming together to create a space for sharing and communicating, while still maintaining their own independent voices,” said current intern Isabelle Wong. At Inkredibly, you’ll find your voice, your passion and your writing style. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding.

Cool stuff you get to do

Ready for the freedom to cover any topic or event you want? Like every news site, certain topics need coverage, like current events or controversial news. “Since I joined last February, I have been challenged to write on topics that I would not have otherwise considered. As I continued to better understand my role as a writer for Inkredibly, I found myself seeking new and interesting pieces in the news (or just in everyday life) that I wanted to feature,” said Wong. Inkredibly doesn’t just welcome your creativity—they expect it.

What you’ll learn

Like any journalism internship,  your writing will definitely improve. A smaller staff leads to some of the best perks, like forming a strong and informed opinion on a topic and then actually writing about it. You can take chances with your writing at Inkredibly, knowing your editor will always have your back. “We want our writers to really discover their voice, to be able to put down on paper what is important to them, and why,” said Business Developer Adam Popham. “It’s a little self discovery for all of us.”

How to prepare for your application

Aside from your standard resume, cover letter and writing clips, Inkredibly looks for what they call “the hang factor.” Popham said, “I want someone to join our team that is interesting to converse with, that will elaborate, expand and offer opinion on various things we discuss, as well as the ability to react quickly to a random, off the wall question or two.” The process includes a Skype interview in which you can show you’ve got the “hang” factor in spades. What to do? Be yourself. Prepare possible topics or article ideas that you may have for the site.

Skills that impress them

Inkredibly places importance not only on your writing skills, but also on your wit as well. “The ability to banter is a strong indicator for us,” said Popham. Don’t forget collaboration, creativity and quick-thinking.

Cool perks

The perks really come from the work itself. Popham said, “[The best perk is the site’s] flexibility as a young, exciting content provider.” Aside from the free-formed writing, you’ll also get weekly comments and criticism from an editor. What better way to improve on your skills? And, you will become a young, informed voice of the people, a goal that Popham strives for his writers and readers.

The Deets

Apply for an internship with Inkredibly on their website. Inkredibly is always looking for new writers and staff. The secret to being an Inkredibly team member? Popham says, “Be you. Take chances. You have made it this far. Continue to be intelligent, thoughtful and bold, and let that show through in your writing.”

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