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Editorial Internship, Washington, D.C.

Industry Dive is an up-and-coming website that synthesizes the latest business news and information in a number of industries: Food Dive, Education Dive and Retail Dive are just a few of their chapters. They hire interns in multiple departments, but we’ve got the low-down on their editorial internship.

What It’s Actually Like

Industry Dive’s environment is very relaxed—so relaxed, in fact, that some employees bring their dogs to work. Everyone is ultra-friendly, but don’t let the chill attitude fool you; you’ll still have to work hard and adhere to strict deadlines. You’ll be conducting interviews and writing articles about important issues like the Affordable Care Act and the Common Core education system.

Cool Stuff You Get to Do

Depending on your subject, you’ll get to interview some really important people—like scholars and think tank members—who you’d probably never meet otherwise. Also, you and your fellow interns from different departments will get to collaborate on one big project during your time at Industry Dive. This summer’s interns decided to create an internships page for the Industry Dive website.

What You’ll Learn

The supervisor of the editorial interns once worked at USA Today, so they and their work are held to high standards. Formal interviews, articles and deadlines will get your journalism juices flowing. “You’ll learn all about working in a formal journalism environment,” said Isabella Alvarez, an editorial intern.

How to Prepare for Your Application

The low-down from HR Manager Wendy McWhorter on what you’ll need to succeed: a resume, cover letter and three writing samples. Your writing samples should reflect your skills in both journalistic and business writing, and your cover letter shouldn’t be generic—they want to be able to learn who you are from those pages. Your cover letter should include your passions and interests and be specific to Industry Dive.

Skills That Impress Them

Passion for journalism, an interest in business news and the ability to write well about it, prior internship experience in the field of journalism, editing experience and a 3.0 or higher GPA will blow them away.

Cool Perks

Industry Dive is a relatively new startup company, so they’re small. That means you’ll get to see what’s going on in all the other departments (marketing, software development, etc), and you’ll also get to know your fellow employees and interns. “We plan trips to the movies, and there are always events planned, like trivia nights,” Alvarez said.

The Deets

Flexible duration; if you only have 10 weeks, you stay for 10 weeks, but as long as you do well, they’ll keep you.

2-3 days/week

Paid through a stipend, not by the hour

To apply for the fall, keep an eye out on Industry Dive’s website; the internships page mentioned earlier is still in progress.


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