10 Songs That’ll Save You From the Winter Slump

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The skies are gray, but with the right songs, your soul doesn’t have to be. Embrace the beat and the feeling of summer no matter what time of year it is.

These songs will shine through the gloom and lift your spirits.

10. “Once In a While” by Timeflies

Is it possible to listen to this song without feeling happy? If it is, let me know, because all I hear is positivity. Timeflies makes every drab day more colorful, and “Once In a While” will keep your energy levels up when you need it most.

9. “American Country Love Song” by Jake Owen

Road tripping in a retro VW bus is every hipster’s dream, and Jake Owen lives it out in this music video. We aren’t all as fortunate as him, but why not stretch your creativity? Ignore the lame weather, hop into your ‘01 Civic and pretend it’s the summer of ‘82. This dreary day just got a little dreamier.

8. “Dazed and Confused” by Jake Miller

“Took a walk on the clouds…and I’m not coming down.” That’s one way to conquer the gloom, Jake. Who cares what Mother Nature had in store for you today—move your feet and let the beat raise you up.

7. “All Night” by The Vamps and Matoma

Whether you were up all night from the thunder or the cold, The Vamps’ collab with Matoma will give you the second wind you need to survive today’s classes. Who said bad weather has to keep you down?

6. “Friends” by Francis the Lights ft. Bon Iver and Kanye West

I know what you’re thinking. Bon Iver is the mascot of depressing, wintry music. How can he be involved in a fun song? This chill track won’t spike your adrenaline, but it sets the mood for a satisfactory sunset drive. Who cares if you freeze your fingers off? There’s no harm in rolling the windows down and pretending it’s 90 degrees outside.

Bonus: Learn the dance with a friend and become the coolest kids on campus.

5. “Adventure” by Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes blends house music with fun lyrics, creating the ultimate summer vibe. Forget gasoline, let the good vibes in this song fuel your next road trip.

4. “Wasted Time” by Keith Urban

If you’re gonna waste your time, at least have fun doing it, right Keith? Fact: If you close your eyes while listening to “Wasted Time,” you won’t be able to picture anything but sunshine and good friends.

3. “Kids” by OneRepublic

Stop being mopey and watch this video. Not only will the song transport you to summer drives, but the lyrics will remind you that you have plenty of years left to live it up. We’re all kids at heart, right?

2. “Now and Later” by Sage the Gemini

Sage the Gemini’s confidence is contagious in the “Now and Later” music video, so watch it and start absorbing. Before you know it, you’ll be immune to embarrassment as you slip on the ice while walking to class.

1. “Vinyl” by Fly by Midnight

The best songs are the ones you haven’t heard on the radio. Put your phone away and kick it old school—summer isn’t the only time of the year you’re allowed to have fun. Whether it’s throwing a vinyl party in your apartment or slow dancing in the snow, there are plenty of Netflix alternatives that’ll guarantee a good time.

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Kyler is a junior communication major at Walla Walla University in Washington state. He enjoys scary movies, afternoon naps and the occasional outdoor adventure.

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