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Intern, Silver Spring, Maryland

Do you have a natural curiosity for the world? Are you fond of sharks, but equally fond of pastries? Look no further – Discovery Communications is the internship for you. Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, Discovery Communications owns The Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet (just to name a few).

What it’s actually like

Don’t expect to be a lowly intern stuck in a cubicle. At Discovery Communications, you’re hands-on with ideas, innovations and equipment. When the cameras are rolling on set, so are you. Behind-the-scenes work is no joke: With 13 channels to produce content for, there’s never a dull moment.

Cool stuff you get to do

As the company responsible for the amazingness that is Shark Week, Discovery’s got plenty to do to keep interns busy. “As an intern, I got to do wardrobe for the River Monsters after show with Jeremy Wade. I went shopping, chose the outfits and helped to decide which would air and in what episodes,” said Melissa Seitz, Spring ’14 intern.

What you’ll learn

You know how it takes a village to raise a child? At Discovery, you’ll see first-hand how it takes a hard-working production team to raise a show from the ground up. From the brainstorming stage to the final product airing on TV, it’s quite a wild ride.

Skills that impress them

Prior background in production is a huge plus, but an eagerness to learn is just as valuable. If you’re truly dedicated to learning, Discovery will be right there with you to help. “I think a genuine positive attitude is really important, no matter how strong or weak your resume is. It can really set you apart from the pack,” Seitz said.

How to Prepare your application

Do your homework on Shark Week and Cake Boss; you’ll thank me later. Also, give some serious thought as to what makes you the right intern for Discovery. Think on your feet and be quick-witted. Elevator pitch, anyone?

Cool perks

Discovery Communication likes to keep it all in the family. How cool would it be to watch your name scroll by during closing credits? “Discovery tries really hard to integrate their interns into the company and prepares them to be full-time employees,” Seitz said.

The deets

The internship is paid.

Offered year-round, during the school year and summer.

Check out Discovery’s website for more information and browse the #DiscoveryINterns hashtag for a little taste of working with Discovery.


Were you a Discovery intern? Share your internship experience in the comments below.

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