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At the heart of College Magazine lies a close-knit team of student journalists. Our goal is to create an incredible guide for our college readers. We accomplish this goal by equipping our writers with the skills to tackle challenging subjects and ultimately uncover their voices. Through our writer training program, each writer learns the ins-and-outs of writing for an online publication. While gaining technical writing skills, students also discover how to write in a conversational and entertaining style. Our editors learn how to lead a team while flexing their technical editing skills. Everyone experiences what it takes to be a professional in the journalism industry. Are you an aspiring writing looking to improve your craft and get published? Check out what the experience at College Magazine is all about.

On confirming your passion…

“College Magazine has given me the confirmation that I love editing and writing and that I definitely want to work in the field of editing for an online publication after I graduate. CM has become more fun than most of my classes and I enjoy working for CM than my schoolwork. I’ve become a better editor and leader since I’ve started and want to continue to grow with CM.” -Austin Manchester, University of Florida.

“Being a writer at CM has helped me get my foot in the door with something I’ve been passionate about since I was a kid, and that’s writing. I read my friends’ articles, and am genuinely excited when I see an article about something important or pertinent to my life written by someone else. I also get excited when I realize I have a great article idea, and a place I can make that idea a reality. Through College Magazine I’ve been able to do my two favorite things, reading and writing. Not only has my writing improved a ton since I started, but I also have received amazing feedback and comments from friends and others who read my pieces on the site, and that’s been an amazing motivator to keep writing about things that matter to me, because they probably matter to other people as well. Thank you, CM!” -Katherine McCartin, Boston College.

On working with an incredible team…

“I’ve loved writing for CM. Writing for a media source is actually what I want to do for the rest of my life, so at 18 years old I feel like I’m ahead of the curve. While honing my writing skills, I’m also building my resume with each article I publish. The people are really friendly and super helpful; I can definitely see myself writing with CM for a long time.” -Skye Haynes, University of Maryland.

“Even though I just started with CM I have really started to realize my passion for writing. I am a broadcast major but never really got into the on-air lifestyle I always gravitated towards writing. So when I a chance to write for CM I quickly applied, I couldn’t be happier with my decision in not only strengthen my writing skills but also working with such great people who have the same drive and creative mind as me!” -Kristen Baker, Penn State University.

“College Magazine has given me the opportunity to find my voice and write about topics I care about. Through CM I’ve also gotten the chance to meet and work with some incredible people.” -Elizabeth Alvarado, University of Washington.

“Well I just joined this team of amazing people at College Magazine and I’m super excited to learn from everyone. It’s a lot to take in, but I’m so happy to be involved in something new. The editors and other writers seem so talented and I can’t wait to expand my horizons working side by side with them. Thanks for giving me this opportunity CM!” -Megan Wesley, Penn State University.

“I’ve only been at CM for just about two weeks now, but I can already say how much I love this team of people. Everyone is so supportive and I love being able to write about college life with my own voice in my stories. I’m so grateful for all of the feedback and freedom I have with CM!” -Melissa Harris, Oberlin College.

“With only a few weeks under my belt, I’m definitely a newbie to the squad. Although I’ve only gotten my feet a little wet in a few inches of snow, I already feel the love from the College Magazine community. The team encourages my voice and challenges my work. Writing has always been my home, and the CM crew are already starting to feel like family. I’m stoked to be invited to the party.” -Sara Butler, University of San Diego.

“Unfortunately, my school doesn’t offer an undergraduate degree in journalism, so it’s a form of writing that I never really felt comfortable with until now. Before, I could bust out a research paper or literary analysis with the best of them, but when it came to talking to the general public, I always felt a little “finger-tied.” So when I read that CM was specifically geared towards our peer group and offered a training period, I was super excited and jumped right on the wagon. [While] I’m still fairly new to all of this and have had a few roller coaster-like ups and downs, the overall experience has been just amazing. It’s great being able to talk with such a close yet professional team, and you really feel like a part of something big rather than just sending in a random article every once and while. Thanks to everybody for making me feel so welcome and helping me improve personally, as well as professionally. Here’s to the future of the magazine and the team; you all are so awesome for offering such a fantastic opportunity for college writers.” -Lauren Bernasconi, Florida State University.

“College Magazine is the only publication I’ve been a part of that makes a point to treat its staff, editors, and EIC’s like professional people as opposed to college kids. While, yes, it is a college publication, it has always felt like a “real-world” career in its expectations, standards, and commitment amongst the staff to quality articles and relationships. Not only have I learned so many writing, editing and communication skills, but I’ve had a blast, made some great friends, and gleaned role models in the process.” -Lauren Yevak, University of Virginia.

On building confidence…

College Magazine gave me all the confidence I ever needed for my career. After being seen as a legitimate writer then a leader, I felt that they really take pride in their team.” -Mackenzie Raetz, Florida State University.

“My time at CM has been amazing! After going through seven weeks of training and being accepted for EIT (Editor in Training), I have a new found confidence in my writing and my personal voice. I’m so grateful for everything CM has taught me.” -Alaina Anderson, St. Mary’s College.

“Working for CM has helped me become so much more confident as a journalist and writer. I’ve grown comfortable with contacting sources and doing research, and all for articles that deal with the all-too-familiar topic of college. I’m proud of everything I’ve written for CM, and I’m proud to be a part of a team of writers that produces such relatable and creative content!” -Natalie Grim, University of Maryland.

“CM has not only made me a much better writer, but the experience has given me the confidence that my writing and ideas just might mean something to someone reading the magazine. That’s a really nice feeling to have.” Rachel Aldrich, Boston College.


“About two and a half years ago when I started college, I was a biology major ready to take on the world. A lot of things happened along the way and I realized I wasn’t cut out for it. I sat around freaking out about what I wanted to do with my life. Things really just sucked at that point in my life and I was at an all time low. One weekend an incredible friend of mine recommended that I apply to CM since I was “funny.” Funny is a subjective term and to say I’m funny is like saying Voldemort has a cute nose. Anyway, I began applying in September and I started really getting into it. Like, if I didn’t get this I was going to be furious. So when I did finally get it, everything became so clear. I figured out my major, what I wanted to do with my life in the future, classes were perfect, my friends were perfect, everything became perfect. Sure, I’m still learning the ins and outs every day, but CM pushes me to be the best I possibly can be. There’s no team of people better than the one for CM, and that’s a fact. CM has done for me what most others couldn’t: help me figure out my life.” -Brandon Cordoves, Florida State University.

“Writing has always been my passion and I’ve always dreamed of sharing my opinions with others. However, I was nervous that my tell-it-how-it-is writing style would be too much for College Mag to handle (or for any publication for that matter). However, College Magazine has allowed me to both explore different topics of interests and helped me build a sense of confidence within myself and my writing. I’m merely a freshman and I already feel prepared to enter the journalism industry as both a writer and an entertainer!” -Sara Malinow, University of Maryland.

On becoming a leader…

“Joining the CM team has been so much fun. I love getting to see writers and editors grow and develop their voice and style; it’s so rewarding having a hand in that process…it feels like a precursor to teaching.” Lisamarie DiOrio, Boston College.

“When I became a staff writer at CM in August, I was terrified. I thought I wouldn’t be able to come up with article ideas, that my hopes and dreams to write would flop and that I’d have to come up with a new career aspiration for my life. At about week five of the writer training program I started to think, Wow, I think I can actually do this! The support system from my editor Celina and the FSU team helped me find my niche and give me the confidence to really shine. Now, I’m an editor for CM and have sharpened not only my writing and editing skills but also my leadership skills. It’s really an incredible publication to in which to take part; there’s something powerful about the college voice and I feel lucky to help create that here with so many talented writers and editors.” –Isabella Senzamici, Florida State University. 

“I had never written journalism before College Magazine, so CM has quite literally taught me everything I know about journalistic writing and editing. CM has bolstered my love for editing and taught me how to work with a team. The experience with leadership is invaluable, and I’ve truly enjoyed the process. I look forward to see where it leads me!” -Kristen Romes, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


“I never thought that I would be where I am now. I thought I would only be a writer for CM, but because this group encouraged me so much, I am now working as an EIT (Editor in Training). I’m growing into a leader who is not only learning how to lead and delegate but also have tons of fun doing it.” -Rocio Cosme, University of Florida.

On uncovering your voice…

College Magazine helped me find my voice and showed me the potential I had to be a successful and talented journalist. My writing has improved so much since I’ve starting writing for College Magazine and my love for writing has deepened by far.” -Tamiera Vandegrift, Florida State University.

“CM is my first official taste of journalism. It challenges me to find my voice in a new format of writing and learn the art of promoting my work. I’ll admit this was all a bit intimidating at first, but the challenges have yielded so much invaluable growth I know will carry me closer to my dream writing career one day. Thank you CM!” -Ally Bartoszewicz, Notre Dame.

“Being a writer at CM helped me incorporate my voice into all of my writing, not just personal pieces. Even if I’m writing about the science of grade curves, or the particulars of a university budget, you’ll know it’s me writing it, and that’s amazing.” -Emily Johnson, University of Maryland.

Team Maryland

On growing as a writer…

“I have only worked at CM for a little over a month and I can already see my progress as a writer. The most challenging aspect for me has been writing WELL on a short deadline, but, with practice, I have gotten better.” Max Dietz, Florida State University.

Writing for CM has helped me develop a whole new writing style that I’d always wanted to explore but never got the chance to. It’s really exciting to be able to write about something I know very well and share that with others. Also, now I know an English degree isn’t totally useless!” Valerie Siu, University of Washington.

“My time with CM has really shaped how I write. Before, I used to think that my writing was vivid enough, my voice was strong enough and my creativity was more than enough. But with the help of the CM team, I now know how far I can push myself and how much better I can be.” Erika Bell, University of Michigan.

“College Magazine, while I have only been a part of it for a few weeks, has definitely helped better my writing. I completely loved the idea of a student-run publication, but it operates like professionals who have been in the publication business for years are running it. I’m excited to finish the training process and start writing other articles.” -Chris Ransburg, University of Michigan.

CM has taught me to get down to the nitty gritty of my writing. Every single word matters, and editing it as closely as our editors do really makes a difference in the quality of the piece. It has also taught me how to work within boundaries, writing whatever you want vs writing follow a prompt/guidelines every week is much different but something every writer needs to learn how to do.” -Kelsey D’Auben, Florida State University.

“I remember when I first heard back from CM, I was in Bangladesh and freaking out. I was so excited about the fact that I might get the opportunity to work for CM but there were so many complications with me being 8,000 miles away (and rarely having wifi), I thought they were just going to write me off and hire the next available person. But they didn’t, and everyone has been so kind, understanding and really supportive. I definitely feel like I have become a better writer, and I have CM to thank. At first this was just something to add onto my resume, but it’s grown into so much more and I just can’t thank everyone enough.” -Rubi Ali, University of Maryland.

“I’m brand new to CM, so I’m super stoked to write and come up with new ideas that will help me grow as a writer and also give students insight!” -Elizabeth Hsieh, University of California, Los Angeles.

“Writing and editing for College Magazine has strengthened my eye for strong storytelling. I’ve learned that good storytelling is evident in many different formats: the image attached to the article, the headline, the introduction and the structure of the writing. If I can’t resist the urge to click on an article and then find myself lost in the depths of the writing, wondering what’s coming next as if I am the protagonist of the article, the author and editor have succeeded.” Dallas Simms, University of Virginia.


“Over the short few months I’ve been with College Magazine, I’ve grown so much as a writer and as an editor, and I’ve met such amazing people. I can’t wait to see where else CM takes me.” -Lindsay Nigh, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

“Joining College Magazine has given me the chance to challenge my writing style. My go-to anecdotes and fiction narratives had to make room for research-based listicals. I never expected such informative articles to still retain my voice and make my audience laugh.” -Gabriela Adarve, -Florida State University.

On becoming a journalist…

College Magazine reaffirmed why I desire a career in journalism. With every article comes feelings of excitement, personal growth, and a richer understanding of the subject matter. CM is also a phenomenal way for your writing to hit the interwebs, with the potential for your article to go viral and make a real impact on readers.” Nicholas Demott, Boston College.

“College Magazine has forced me to view writing in a way I never thought I would. My whole life I’ve been a visual artist, and have consistently been let down when I couldn’t tell stories with art the way I’ve always wanted. My internship here helped me see that I could do exactly that, but through writing. It’s helped my find my passion and a wonderful way to facilitate it.” -Rachel Mann, University of Florida. 

“My time at College Magazine has gone beyond a general writing and editing experience and has taught me how to train, manage a team and be a leader. Because of my time here I feel ready to enter the world as a skilled journalist, entertainer and a writer.” -Arianna Theofan, Florida State University.


“Joining the CM team was a great choice entering into my first semester of college. Starting out, I didn’t really know much about college life, or how to be a college journalist, so CM was a great kickstart for me to get involved.” Erin Nebia, University of Maryland.

I’ve learned many lessons at CM about the journalism industry – meeting deadlines, writing up to editors’ expectations, challenging myself to push my writing and editing abilities–and I learned a lot of them through trial and error. I started in May knowing next-to-nothing about the way a magazine runs, and I’ve learned something new every day since I started here.” Celina Pelaez, Florida State University.

“I’m brand new to the CM team and I’m stoked to learn more about online journalism. My dad worked at the Miami Herald when I was growing up and he always used to say, “Paper print is going out of style, online journalism is the way of the future. If you’re going to write, write online.” I recently declared a major in English so it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of writing, and I’m glad CM is giving me the opportunity to write online!” -Caroline Crook, George Washington University.

“CM has taught me to focus on how the thematic consistency of an article rather the individual quips I generally default to. I’ve learned the power, and necessity, of a good Title/Intro sentence combo, and most of all I’ve realized the strength of promoting. If you don’t promote, your article might as well not exist. Gtg Tweet, cya l8ter.” -Zach Russell, Boston College.

Team Boston College
“I’m fairly new to CM, and almost done with my training. I’ve had so much fun so far! My articles have 60+ shares and have been enjoyed by many! (So I’ve heard). I’m really excited to stay with CM as long as I can and add this experience to my resume!” -Amy Lukac, East Stroudsburg University.

“CM is the first online publication I’ve written for, and it’s been an awesome experience. I’m used to just emailing a Word document to my editor, but at CM I get to write headlines, choose photos and gifs, and promote my articles. I think these skills will help me in the newsroom one day. The editors also give good feedback and are really friendly.” -Elizabeth Lowman, American University.

On getting the job…

“College magazine gave me the opportunity to be as creative as I wanted and to run with my position — no idea was ever too big! From day one of being the web editor, I constantly was taking on more responsibility (in a good way!), and got the opportunity to create sub-pages on the site, revamp the home page, and work directly with the publisher and the creative team. When applying for internships, everyone I interviewed with was so impressed by all the responsibilities I took on at College magazine that I snagged the ever-competitive Conde Nast internship! I’ve since gone into marketing, but I still use everything I learned at College Magazine at my job and while freelancing!” -Nancy Mucciarone, Syracuse University ’11, Brand Strategy Supervisor at Horizon Media.

“After graduating from Syracuse University in 2010 (BA in Magazine Journalism and Political Science) I joined Teach for America. Currently I teach 9th grade English in an inner-city high school in Dallas, TX. What I learned from being a web editor at College Magazine about HTML processing and posting articles/photos online helped me secure and be successful at future internships. Additionally, the time management skills I took away from interning doing the school year have helped me develop in my professional organization and efficiency. I enjoyed working at CM, especially because of how much I felt I related to the content, and the experience has helped me develop professionally.” -Courtney Egelston, Syracuse University ’10, Assistant Principal and Co-Founder of The Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy at Dallas.

“College Magazine > that other internship you’re considering” -Andrew Zaleski, Loyola University ’11, Contributing writer for Fortune and CNBC.

“During the interview process, all of my eventual internship supervisors at magazines and websites were very impressed with my social media internship through College Magazine and were excited by the additional knowledge I could bring to an editorial position. Working for College Magazine gave me a well-rounded introduction to the industry from writing and publishing impressive-looking clips, to editing for the web and employing social media initiatives.” -Hilary Weissman, University of Maryland ’12, Copy Editor at Standard & Poor’s.

“It was at College Magazine that I learned how to write in a way that really reaches an audience – not papers, or essays, but stories – things that live and breathe and actually hold people’s attention for a few minutes. And as an editor, I gained my very first experience managing a team, developing skills I still use every day.” -Brian Cognato, University of Maryland ’09, Grants Management Specialist at Corporation for National and Community Service.

“I realized that everything I learned from CM was 100 percent applicable to any communications job. This is because College Magazine taught me more than just how to write well, be a leader, and manage multiple assignments at once. The team behind College Magazine understands that digital media is taking over and puts students at the forefront of all the innovative changes happening in the communications field.” -Jayna Taylor-Smith, UF Class of 2018.

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