10 Cheap Transportation Options to Avoid Being a Pedestrian this Semester

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We all know the saying, “If it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.” While seeing someone perched on a hoverboard may appear unorthodox and out of style, many prefer it to trudging around all day. Many of our schedules take us from one desolate corner of campus to the next, so a pair of wheels to alleviate our feet ushers in a welcome respite. Since most of us can relate to the panic of sprinting a mile to your next class that starts in 15 minutes, keep reading to discover 10 alternatives that beat walking to class every day. Just watch out for pedestrians.

These cheap transportation options for campus will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed, even in 8 a.m.’s.

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1. Razor scooter

Nothing says old school like trying to fit your large adult body on a tiny Razor scooter. Many may scoff as your hunched over frame careens down a hill, but anything is better than walking. The perks here include easy storage as the lightweight Razor scooter can fold up to be stowed under your seat. A commonplace item in a family’s garage, the Razor will have onlookers longing for the good old days when they see you cruising around campus. Just make sure to watch your shins, as a good clip from the side of the base will render you a hapless mess engulfed in a whirlwind of pain.

Price: $79.99

2. Longboard

Many who attempt to take up skateboarding usually go about it all wrong. For those starting out, choose longboards over skateboards. Their long platforms and larger trucks ensure a stable and smooth ride, especially since you’re not going for tricks, you’re going to class. Once you master balance and turning you can make the switch (check out our skateboard option down the list). Sure, longboards cost more, but it can be worth it if you know where to look. Retail boards may be upwards of $100 or $200 but Amazon offers a host of cheaper options. Also check out the “boardup,” the foldup longboard if you can’t figure out a way to store your ride under your seat.

Price: $59.99

3. SCXR Bike

Price: $349.99

Mountain bikes belong on the mountains, but campus hills can easily feel like Mt. Everest if you hike up them every day to make your 8 a.m. Take for instance, a walk from FSU’s science quarter all the way up Landis to the Williams building. A chore on foot, but not with a bike. Smaller iterations of their racing counterparts, SCXR and BMX bikes cost less as well and tackle all types of terrain. They come equipped with dual hand breaks and often provide footrests on the front and back wheels, so you can take a passenger. Chug your morning Red Bull and hit the slopes, because class started 10 minutes ago and attendance is 15 percent of your final grade.

4. Scooter

No college campus feels complete without the droves and droves of motorized scooters. We all know the sounds of electric puttering as a moped struggles under the weight of two, sometimes three dude bros up a hill (I’ve seen it, three frat guys stacked on a moped). However, if you purchase yourself a Wolf Scooter, you won’t have to worry about struggling up hills ever again. Plus, most campuses feature scooter parking spaces close to your classes. Rule the road with the Wolf RX 50, and close the distance from your apartment to campus without dealing with foot traffic that comes with most of the other items on this list.

5. Racing Bike

We all know the colorfully clad bikers who treat the car lane like they own it. Luckily for you, you can keep a low profile as many people own and ride bikes to class. Racing bikes come with multiple gear settings to ensure comfortable rides from one corner of the campus to the next. But what about navigating through the hordes of pedestrians? To that, Florida State University junior Peyton Cosgrave said, “Most pedestrians will try to move out of your way when they see you’re on a bike, but it’s easy to see the paths that you can maneuver through between the people walking. I would recommend it because it’s easy to get around on different places on campus.” On top of that, colleges do a lot to accommodate bikers with dozens of racks set up all over the place. You can even take your excursions off campus. Remember to buy a bike lock too.

Price: $199.99

6. Unicycle

Still looking for a bike but can’t afford the pricey labels? Cut the price and the bike in half and get yourself a unicycle. Few know how to ride one, although a handful of people nationwide can attest to seeing or knowing someone who rides a unicycle to class. Will it take time to learn? Absolutely. Does it seem borderline impractical? You know it. Is it worth it? It’s bound to turn heads. If you want to buy and learn out to ride one, just remember: better to fall forwards than backwards. Before you know it, you’ll be auditioning for FSU’s flying high circus.

Price: $77.14

7. Heelies

When it comes to nostalgia, the aforementioned razor scooter goes hand in hand with the heelie. Who doesn’t remember speeding down elementary school corridors in these while your teachers screamed at you like a pack of starving cats. The most casual and versatile item on this list, heelies come equipped wheels in the sole, negating the need for storage upon entering class. And they sure look good. “Heelies don’t have breaks because my swag rides forever,” said Emily Johnson, freshman at Brigham Young University.

Price: $54.99 – $99.99

8. Hoverboard

We all miss 2015. Vine still existed. Planking finally wore out its welcome and dabbing wasn’t a thing yet. And the hoverboard just began to spark national alarm because its batteries overheated and exploded in dorms. However, time drives progress as always and now the latest and most non-exploding models are selling for as low as $179.99. Cruise up and down sidewalks merely by altering the pressure in your toes. Then when the trip concludes, you can recharge it in your dorm room. “Riding a hoverboard to class is fun. Hills were a breeze but it was kind of hard to store in class because it’s heavy. It’s cool when you ride them in a pack, though,” said Brandon Friedman, senior at Florida State University.

Price: $179.99

9. Penny board

Big things come in small packages. The same can be said about the penny board, because despite its small size, it aids in big savings. Only about the size of a foot, the penny board gives up a distance appeal in favor of cutting swiftly through crowds. It will take some practice to get your balance just right, but once you can master it, you won’t want to leave it behind. On top of this, it can fit easily in your backpack.

Price: $29.99

10. Roller Blades

Did you know that Tallahassee has a roller rink? To all you retro junkies living in the past, Skate World Center Inc. boasts all sorts of activities. But why contain your cruising solely to the sleek roller skating floor? Think outside the rink and purchase a pair of roller blades to aid you in your journey to the classroom. They come equipped with breaks as well, taking the stress out of traveling down steep hills.

Price: $93.47 – $131.70

John is senior at Florida State University, majoring in editing writing and media, and minoring in communications. He enjoys that earthy smell when the rain first hits dirt, repetition, and petrichor. Row Noles!

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