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Bustle.com is an extremely popular website targeted specifically at young women. But dudes, don’t let that scare you away from applying. Bustle’s areas of focus include news/politics, entertainment, fashion/beauty, lifestyle, and books…so basically everything. They’re always looking for interns (seriously, they hire during every season). Newbies mostly join the writing team, but the HR, PR, graphic design and marketing departments are always looking for fresh meat.

What it’s Actually Like

You’re a professional. Don’t forget to adhere to deadlines and editors (way better than you adhered to your “curfew”), but passion is the name of the game. Bustle really wants its writers to express themselves so write, not just about what you know, but about what keeps you up at night. “What we’re really looking for are young writers who have something to say.” –Editorial Operations Director Alexandra Finkel

Cool Stuff You Get to Do

You’ll be working like a legit writer, exploring the ins and outs of writing for the web. “90 percent of our internships are solely writing opportunities. Interns pitch stories, write assignments on deadline, produce their stories in our CMS, gather multimedia, do original reporting, and much, much more!” – Editorial Operations Director Alexandra Finkel

What You’ll Learn

Interns gain insight into everything that happens at a digital media source, whether it’s writing catchy headlines, figuring out which images to use within an article, or gaining publicity for their articles. “More than anything, an internship at Bustle will help young journalists decide whether this industry is the right fit for them.” –Editorial Operations Director Alexandra Finkel

How to Prepare for Your Application

Writing spots are super competitive (capital S). Think battle for the last piece of cake tough. Candidates apply for a position in one particular section of the site and undergo an extensive application process including submitting writing samples, completing editing tests and interviewing with editors. A strong voice and an understanding of Bustle’s mission are absolutely essential to success at the site. Before applying, study like you did for your first final.

Skills that Impress Them

Obviously, great writing skills are a must, but dare to be different. Bustle is always looking for writers with a new perspective. “A passion for a certain topic or subject that we cover on Bustle is key,” – Editorial Operations Director Alexandra Finkel

Cool Perks

Number one, intern nepotism is an epidemic. Five of Bustle’s current editors started as interns– just saying. Two, the Bustle network (currently 400 strong) is growing as fast as, the listserv is evolving. “It’s turned out to be a great resource for just about everything including job contacts/listings, apartment recommendations, and even a discussion board for Internet trolls.” – Editorial Operations Director Alexandra Finkel

The Deets

14-20 hours per week (at least two full days)

Bustle internships are (gasp) paid. Want to get in on this sweet opportunity? Act fast. Bustle hires interns every season, so keep your eye on Bustle.com for application information and deadlines.


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