What Badgers Will Miss the Most about UW-Madison

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison has got the whole package. It’s one of the best public institutions in the nation, is consistently listed as one of the top three party schools in the country and has some of the best varsity teams sports fans could ask for. Throw in the gorgeous, lake-lined campus and 40,000 passionate students and you’ve got a damn dream team of attributes. Which means that after four (or five) of the best years of your life, leaving this place is, to say the least, bittersweet. Here’s what some UW-Madison students will miss the most when they graduate.

The Classes:

“I didn’t mean to be an art major. But I really love the communities that are built here and the facilities are wonderful. They allow me to do kinds of art that I would have never experienced in high school or any other setting. I will miss both the social interactions and facilities when I graduate.” – Max Moser, Senior

“I will miss the reading lists. For the most part, my classes have introduced me to really interesting books that I would never have come across otherwise. I don’t know what I’m going to read when I graduate and lose my syllabi.” – Abigail Burns, Senior

“I will miss being an undergraduate who is expected to make mistakes in classes and in life, but is also able to learn a lot.” – Stephanie Olson, Senior

The Campus:

“I’ll miss the campus the most. It’s pretty awesome being nestled in between two lakes.” – Nick Gubbins, Senior

“I’m going to miss the atmosphere of campus—its connections to the community, the constantly flowing Badger pride, the supportive academic environment and the amazing people that make being here worthwhile.” – Adelaide Fenton, Senior

“Bascom Hill will be missed. It’s a beautiful lawn, has a great view, and has kept me from getting overweight.” – Derek Rohr, Senior

The Culture:

“I will actually really miss the feeling of going to either a library or coffee shop, doing homework and feeling like an actual part of this collective student body.” – Marlena Piwowarczyk, Sophomore

“We are a unique university because along with having a campus culture, we are also intertwined with the culture of downtown Madison.  Whether it be the Saturday farmers’ market, drinking a pitcher at the terrace, strolling through the arboretum, exploring the quaint stores on State Street, getting a tour of the Capitol or going to see a concert at the Orpheum, you’re bound to have a great and memorable time!” – Alex Camp, Senior

“I will mostly miss the billions of emails I receive every day. Just kidding–I’ll actually miss the camaraderie of how many people gather together on game days, and also how much pride all of the students have here for the school. I’ll always remember interacting with strangers simply because we both love the badgers, and how literally everyone wore red the day of the national men’s basketball championship last spring.” – Kayleigh Norgord, Senior

The Community:

“The faculty and the friends that I made, because a lot of them came from different places and once I graduate I don’t know how much I’ll be able to meet them. So I think I’ll miss them a lot. I’ll also miss being in my crappy apartment.” – Kanjana Namvech, Senior

“When I graduate I’ll miss being so close to my friends all the time. It’s nice that on campus there’s always people around to do something with. When we become real adults who knows where we’ll be living or how often we’ll see each other?” – Lily Hansen, Junior

“I’m going to miss everything about this campus and school that has contributed to the person I’ve grown to become today. And for anyone that has been a part of this community knows, that’s too many things, events, people and courses to list.” – Bailey Marquardt, Senior

Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying English with a creative writing emphasis. Lover of movie scores, thunderstorms, and superheroes. And dogs.

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