75 Ways to Impress This Spring

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When you are about to ask her on the first date

1. Please do not do it via text, do it in person.

2. The “Go on a date with me? Yes, No, Maybe” still makes girls smile.

3. Call it a date, don’t just say hang out. Take a chance.

4. Girls: be bold and ask them out, guys like to be flattered too.

5. Don’t play the game, if you want to text or call them, do it.


Take a Cue from the Movies 

6. Sing you’re “Too good to be true” to her when you mess up (10 things I Hate About You).

7. Go to her window with a boom box and a love song blasting (Say Anything).

8. Take a move from No Strings Attached and buy her cupcakes during that time of the month.

9. Tis the season for carnivals, thanks to The Notebook, betches love carnivals.

10. And making out in the rain….

11. Tell her “as you wish” when she requests something (A Princess Bride).

7. Write long emails  (You’ve Got Mail).

8. Put P.S. I Love You at the bottom of your love notes.

9. Write your story in a notebook.

10. Indulging in forbidden loves is always a nice idea, although this usually ends in tragedy, beware.

11. Learn a language for them (Love Actually).


It’s all about the Small Things

12. Guys, don’t be a dick.

13. Refer to number one.

14. Buy your mom flowers.

15. Two year relationship? Consider throwing down flowers to the GF’s mom.

16. Listen.

17. Girls, don’t be a princess.

18. She is right.

19. You like something about her? Say it aloud, to her. 

20. You like something the boy does, let him know.

21. Trip to the beach/lake/river on a sunny day.

22. Picnic anywhere

23. Make her a playlist / mixtape

24. Refer to number 10.

25. Girls, they really can’t read your mind. They really will never understand what is obvious to us. Don’t take it personally. Talk to them.

26. Leave love notes where they’ll find them a surprise.

27. Yes, once in a while he’s right.

28. Buy her flowers, just because.

29. Open the car door.

30. Cook a dinner together.

31. Take on an old fashioned movies night out on the town.

32. Kiss her on the forehead, girls love it.

33. Kiss him on the cheek.

34. Run some simple errands for them when you know they are having a stressful week.

35. Drink beer, watch the game, with ‘em, and on occasion really respect their bro night.

36. Guys love to feel needed.

37. Girls love to feel wanted.

38. Girls, wear their clothes around other people, it’s a nice ego boost for them.

39. Take them back to where you had your first date.

40. Or maybe your first flirtation?

41. Make your TBT with a picture of you kids together.

42. Nights at the ice cream shop and holding hands, summer love right there.

43. Stack their fridge with their favorite beer.

44. Focus on yourself a bit, it’s extremely attractive to watch whomever you are with excel at their passions.

45. Draw a card, 2nd grade style.

46. Wear that cologne that makes her swoon.

47. Use that shampoo.


You’re in need of a Grand Gesture

48. Plan a summer road trip even if it’s just a day trip.

49. Breakfast in bed.

50. Have brown eyes? Sing Brown Eyed Girl to her.

51. Trip to the zoo!

52. Scream her name from a rooftop. Really, go do it.

53. Take her to see a meteor shower.

54. Breakfast for dinner.

55. Invite them to a family event.

56. Their birthday coming up? Plan something for them, with their friends.

57. Plan a surprise day for them, just take them somewhere with an unknown location and have an adventure.

58. Serenade her in front of everyone.

59. Carve your initials on a tree together.

60. Or put them in some wet cement.

61. Long distance? Surprise them on a weekend.

62. Have your own place? Consider giving a key.


In the Bedroom

63. Ask about their fantasies, have a night to indulge them.

64. Spontaneous sex, anywhere, anytime. College is a great time to get away with that behavior.

65. If you think you’re getting into a pattern, address this and change it up.

66. Inappropriate text messages in public settings. Yes, be a tease, bring the flirtation all the time.

67. Girls, Explore lingerie.

68. Guys, Explore clothes that fit you well, maybe even a suit just cause that is some major girl porn.

69. Sex on the beach, not talking about the drink here.

70. Make out in the car, bring it back to high school eh?

71. Outdoor showers, not a bad idea on a summer day. Afternoon delight? Yeah?

72. All Slow mornings should include Morning Sex.


Worth Repeating

73. Refer to number 64

74. Refer to 59

 75. Refer to 12 and 17  


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