75 Simple Ways to Impress

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So you’ve landed the person of your dreams. You’ve had the clichéd but necessary first dates—movie night, dinners at some fancy restaurants, maybe a few walks on the beach. But now, as you settle into the normalcy of a “taken” lifestyle, you might want some new tricks to keep your sweetheart interested. The smallest things can be the most memorable, so before you try to orchestrate some grand romantic gesture, consider these 75 simple things to impress this fall:

1. Organize a pumpkin carving date

2. Bring them to a football game

3. Make a CD of their favorite songs

4. Prepare a bubble bath

5. Take them to see a musician or band that they love

6. Smell nice whenever you’re going to see each other

7. Plan a romantic hiking or camping trip

8. Ask them about their day and actually pay attention when they answer

9. Host a scary movie marathon and snuggle up

10. Make homemade apple cider

11. Find a way to make s’mores – even if you have to use a stove or a microwave!

12. Write “I love you” on a random page in their planner or notebook so they’ll unexpectedly find it

13. Create a goodie bag with all their favorite little things in it

14. Girls: Show off your sports knowledge. For that matter, wear a football jersey on Sundays.

15. Guys: If you think there’s something different about her (hair, clothes, glasses, etc.) there probably is. Tell her; she’ll appreciate it.

16. Girls: Find at least one video game you can play and get good enough to kick his butt.

17. Let each other win every once in a while – it’ll be good for the ego

18. Girls: Feel free to act a little jealous. He’ll be impressed by your commitment to him. – Just be sure not to go overboard!

19. Guys: Let her hang with her guy friends. Sure it’s a double standard, but she’ll be impressed by how much you trust her.

20. Bring a pumpkin spice latte or their favorite coffee drink to class

21. Surprise them with their favorite meal

22. Write a handwritten love letter and send it to them

23. Take them somewhere they’ve never been before

24. Show up unexpected with flowers, chocolate, or whatever they like

25. Make them breakfast in bed

26. Wait for them outside of class unexpectedly

27. Surprise date nights

28. Take them to new restaurants every few weeks

29. Plan “nights in” for just the two of you

30. Bake apple or pumpkin pie for dessert

31. Take them to their favorite sports teams’ games

32. Print out your favorite pictures together and frame them

33. Listen to the little details they say and remember them

34. Always say thank you

35. Put your phone away when you’re together

36. Guys: Offer to carry her books for her

37. Send them good morning texts

38. Send a thinking-about-you text randomly in the day

39. Girls: Respect his time with his buds – he can have a night off!

40. Schedule a romantic hay ride

41. Have manners and be polite

42. Girls: Be able to enjoy eating Subway – a lot

43. Be confident—nothing is sexier than confidence

44. Remember their favorite food and take them out to get it

45. Put your arm around them when you’re walking together

46.  Open doors for them

47. Guys: Remind her she looks beautiful at least once a day

48. Guys: Have a working knowledge of cheese types and what food to pair with them…girls love their cheese

49. Support their activities and interests (go to their games, their performances, their concerts, etc.)

50. Write “I love you” on a pumpkin and give it as a Halloween gift

51. Take them out, even if it’s not a special occasion. Be spontaneous!

52. Watch their favorite show once in while. One night of Real Housewives or Sport Center won’t kill you.

53. Share important news about your life with them. It means a lot to know that you were someone’s first call.

54. Make them a homemade card

55. Write notes and place into balloons, inflate the balloons, and have them pop the balloons to read the notes

56. Leave sticky notes saying how much you love them in places where they’ll find them (in books, on mirrors, etc.)

57. Bake them homemade goods and write messages on them with frosting

58. Tell them you can’t hang out but then surprise them at their door

59. Make a coupon book with things like free massage, free head scratch, or free foot rub

60. Take them apple picking

61. When you’re shopping, even if it’s grocery shopping, just grab a little something for them

62. Ask about their family and mention little specific things like, “How’s your grandmother’s cold,” or “Did your brother pass his math test?” so they know you’re paying attention

63. Guys: Watch her favorite movie with her even if you know it’s a chick flick you’re gonna hate – you might be surprised!

64. Dress sharp every once in a while

65. Never chew with your mouth open

66. Compliment each other often

67. Girls: When your guy looks good tell him

68. Pick up your room when you know they’re coming over

69. Incorporate them into activities with your friends or roommates

70. If they live in an apartment or at home, help them rake leaves or do things around the house – this will earn brownie points with them and their family or roommates!

71. Girls: Learn to enjoy or at least tolerate beer

72. Invite them over to cook a meal with you

73. Show an interest in their interests

74. Kiss them in public – just don’t get too gross with the PDA

 75. Guys – Make her a sandwich


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