20 Things To Do Before the World Ends

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The end of the world is upon us, at least if you believe the Mayans. Given their track record, it might be a good idea to start making the most of the two weeks we have left. Here are some things that have got to happen before we leave this Earth.


1. Tell everyone exactly how you feel about him or her. Now you should REALLY hope the world is ending.

2. Drop out of college. Seriously, there’s no job waiting for you out there. Save yourself the pain of going to another lecture…and the money.

3. Be in a foreign country for the holiday season, preferably an exotic island for when the world spontaneously combusts. You want the next human-like species to think you were an exotic world traveller.

4. Binge on every fast food restaurant possible. Can’t get heart disease if you’re dead!

5. Take the world’s impoverished children and fly them out to a Cheesecake Factory. Don’t ask about the logistics, it just feels like the right thing to do.


6. Make Ryan Gosling People’s Sexiest Man Alive. He can’t leave this world without that coveted title to his name.

7. Become YouTube famous. The easiest way to become famous in the little time we have left.

8. Streak across the field in the middle of an NFL game. The FCC will never be able to file the paperwork to track you down you in time.

9. Skydiving. It’s on everyone’s bucket list.

10. Finally settle once and for all the age-old mystery: who the hell is the mother of Ted Mosby's children. 

11. Make a sex tape with Justin Bieber and get a reality show while you’re at it.

12. Start an impromptu flash mob.

13. Get an advanced copy of Breaking Bad season 5, Part II. That show cannot be left unfinished

14. Watch Mad Men. Seriously, humanity cannot leave this Earth without knowing what good television is. Line up that Netflix queue, there’s still enough time to get through all 5 seasons.

15. Fly first class. Everyone must know what it’s like to wear a silk robe and drink champagne at 30,000 feet.

16. Break into Apple Headquarters. Those hologram iPhones must be in there somewhere.

17. Get Brian Williams to use his Twitter account. Journalism nerds, you understand.

18. Get into the 10 Million Club on Temple Run. So close…. yet so far away.

19. Drink Luwak coffee. It’s an Indonesian specialty…that costs $100 a bag!

20. Meet Kim Kardashian. Is she actually fat in person? There’s no way someone who is 5’2’’ who can be THAT curvy and not pack the pounds. #BurningQuestions

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