15 Pranks to Pull On April Fools’ Day

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It’s April Fools’ Day, the best time of the year. If you’re some unsuspecting putz, be warned, your more clever friends will have a plethora of practical jokes in store. But have no fear, College Magazine is here to provide you with a list of pranks to put your friends to shame. Dish out some sweet revenge and laugh at the expense of others with these 15 hilarious pranks.

1. Put flour in your roommate’s blow dryer

You’ll take “bad hair day” to a whole new level.

2. Hide in a closet or under a table and simply scare someone to death

3. Put a mixed bowl of candy on your kitchen table

You’ll give an unsuspecting victim a trail mix they’ll never want to try again.

4. Put plastic wrap in front of your friend’s door

Be sure to videotape the attempted escape. Warning: not liable for injuries or humiliation.

5. If you want to be really mean, plastic wrap the toilet

6. Rub cream cheese over someone’s deodorant

Bagel and schmear: the ultimate turn-on.

7. Ditch the jelly and squeeze mayo into donuts

Serve it to your co-workers, but maybe not your boss.

8. Take the classic whoopee cushion trick to the next level and put a bull horn under someone’s seat

9. Give your roommate a friendly wake-up call with a vaccuum

10. Go for the classic nutcracker

11. Place cups of water in front of your roommate’s door

It’ll make it impossible for her to get out without turning the hallway into a slip-n-slide.

12. Freeze Mentos in ice cubes

Channel your favorite science project and blast an unsuspecting victim in the face when he tries to cool down his favorite cola.

13. Instead of apples, cover onions in caramel for a nice tangy bite.

14. Stuff toothpaste in Oreos

Your roommate will hate his favorite snack forever.

15. And of course, the good old-fashioned spider prank

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