15 New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

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New Year’s Eve lets you say goodbye to 2014 and prepare for 2015. New year, new you, right? It’s easy to say that you will “be better” this year. But if you really want a change, you have to lock down the specifics—keeping a calendar, taking your girlfriend out on more dates, running an hour each week. Here’s what 15 students had to say about their new year’s resolutions.

“I want to drink more water. I’m way too dependent on caffeine and I want a healthier lifestyle. So instead of making my resolution something I know I won’t do I figured this would be at least a baby step to that goal. It’s something I can actually maintain and it costs nothing.”

-Lizzie Greenblatt, Sophomore, College of Charleston

“My new year’s resolution would be to not use my phone as much while with friends and family.”

-Julie Konners, Sophomore, Indiana University

“In college it’s really easy to get distracted and make yourself busy with things like Greek life, clubs or even a job and I often find myself putting my schoolwork on the back burner. So for the spring semester I am shooting for straight A’s.”

-Melanie Foligno, Sophomore, Florida State University

“I actually don’t make new years resolutions. I don’t like to make promises that I can’t keep.”

-Jonathan Shuster, Sophomore, Tulane University

“I definitely want to lose weight and become more muscular during 2015.”

-Colin Zargham, Junior, Florida International University

“My new years resolution is to not procrastinate on school work, because in the past I have had the tendency to leave things to the last minute which just makes it even more stressful.”

-Julia Sullivan, Sophomore, University of Florida

“I think this year I just want to try harder in school in order to do better.”

-Sabrina Greenberg, Sophomore, Vanderbilt University

“This year to start off the year I deleted everything on my phone and had a fresh start cause I would always call/text people when I was drunk.”

-Rikki Greenspan, Senior, University of Florida

“My new years resolution is to be more efficient with my time and procrastinate less. I always wait until the last minute to do my schoolwork. Also, I’m going to try to workout more and eat less. Sorry I’m #basic.”

-Zoe Friedman, Sophomore, University of Florida

“This year I want to be more outgoing and figure out what I want to do with my life.”

-Eric Chyatte, Sophomore, University of Florida

“I want to set a strict schedule for 2015 to make sure that I go to the gym every day.”

-Marisa De La Cruz-Munos, Sophomore, University of Florida

“I want to maintain my 4.0 GPA that I have upheld my freshman and fall semester of sophomore year.”

-Jeff Osborne, Sophomore, Florida State University

“Keeping my agenda up to date and actually following what I write in it to do is something I would like to maintain during 2015.”

-Kayla Leighton, Sophomore, University of Florida

“In 2015 I want to get back in the habit of playing soccer. I played it all of high school and I miss releasing my stress through soccer.”

-Harry Finkelstein, Sophomore, Florida State University

“In 2015 I want to make sure that I make time in my schedule to do things that I enjoy, not just things that I have to do.”

-Leah Bisbee, Sophomore, University of Florida

Leigha is a Sophomore at University of Florida studying Sports Management with a minor is Mass Communications. She loves to write and hopes to pursue her dreams in sports writing.

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