10 Best Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

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Everyone knows the hardest part of college is waking up in the morning. Thankfully for all of us sleepyheads, here are ten ways to make it easier.

1. iHome iBT230 Bluetooth Alarm Clock



Not only does this alarm clock double as a personal speaker (perfect for all your parties), it also has Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can wake up to your favorite tunes. You can even make calls while lying in bed…just don’t call out of work too often or they’ll start to get suspicious.


2. An Apple a Day Keeps the Sleepiness Away


According to some science that I don’t understand, an apple wakes you up better than coffee. They’re delicious, healthy and you don’t have to wait in a ridiculously long line to get one.


3. Put Your Alarm Clock Out of Reach


If you have to get up out of bed to turn it off, you’re much less likely to get back in bed. Plus, your roommate will kill you if you let it beep for too long.


4. Hit the Gym Instead of the Snooze Button


Sleepy workouts equal painless workouts, right? Maybe not, but working out in the morning will give you a huge burst of energy that will keep you wide awake all day.


5. Don’t Sleep in When You’re Hungover


Sunday mornings typically mean copious amounts of Gatorade, Tylenol and Netflix in bed. If you can, avoid this at all costs. It messes up your internal clock and makes getting up on time even more difficult.


6. iHome Kineta Alarm Clock


With the Kineta alarm clock, you can pick any song to wake you up in the morning. For exam day, pick a song you hate: you’ll shoot out of bed like it’s on fire. The best feature of the Kineta is that its rechargeable battery can be ejected so you can toss it in your backpack and it will charge your phone all day.


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7. Get Clean


Showering first thing in the morning is a great way to force your body to wake up. Using a citrusy body wash will jolt your body awake, plus you’ll be guaranteed a good hair day.


8. Prep for the Morning…at Night


Set out your clothes, pack your backpack, make your lunch, whatever you need to do to cut down your morning routine. Not only will it make your mornings easier, it might give you a few extra minutes to sleep.


9. Get Freaky


You read that right: Morning sex is a great way to kick start your day. It burns calories and jolts your metabolism, leaving you feeling great all day. Go you.


10. Disconnect to Connect


Turn off your phone, laptop and TV. Staring at a screen in bed seems harmless, but the brightness really makes it a lot harder for you to fall asleep at night. Unplug before bed and you’ll sleep much better.


Senior at Boston College. Future high school English teacher. I laugh, eat, and talk too much. My main loves include the Boston College Marching Band, peanut butter, pandas, country music, and Breaking Bad.

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