UMD-insecure: Top 10 Funniest Tweets About The UMD Wi-Fi

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On Tuesday, UMD Alerts sent out the least surprising message we’ve ever received: the Wi-Fi was down. If you’ve been on campus, like, ever, then you know that wifi outages are about as common as falling asleep during an 8 a.m. or avoiding the bake sale people in front of Stamp. You’d expect the University of Maryland to anticipate the Wi-Fi needs of 30,000 students, but I guess they just forgot. Just like I forgot to upload that assignment at 11:59 p.m. Oops. This semester’s wifi has been especially terrible, so when UMD sent out this alert, the terps got to tweeting.

1. Financial Aid

Life imitates art. Or in this case, Wi-Fi imitates lack of funds.

2. Catching These Hands

Those are fighting words, UMD.

3. Walking A Tightrope

Harness? What harness? Exactly. UMD Wi-Fi, where you at?

4. Pepe Testudo

We just take the “L” every single time.

5. The Best at Being the Worst

UMD may be a top research institution, but its Wi-Fi definitely takes last place.

6. Rice Can Fix It

Stick it in rice— maybe that’ll help. We’re desperate at this point.

7. Bad Things, Good People

All around us are familiar Wi-Fi’s, worn out log-ins, worn out networks… #MadWifi

8. Loading

I’ve stared at these screens for over an hour. Trust me, they won’t load.

9. New Wi-Fi, Who Dis?

To all those comp-sci majors out there: Do your homework! Otherwise you’ll get hired at UMD’s IT department, and we all know how that ends.

10. Short and Simple

Straight to the point, umd-secure— get your sh-t together!

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