10 Cozy Socks to Keep You Warm From Head to Toe

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Feet don’t get enough love in the winter. We swaddle and arm every other body part with the softest, warmest gear Amazon can ship to us. Then we slip on some old, holey socks under our boots because we know nobody will see them. Pretty soon it feels like we’re walking on icicles.

Show your toes some love with these cozy socks for every personality.

1. Picasso-cks

Want to dress like a masterpiece head-to-toe? These socks can help with the toe part. These classic paintings look even better keeping your toes warm than hanging in the Louvre. Artists can always see a work of art on a blank white canvas; these socks take the blank white canvas of your old, Fruit of the Loom socks and turn them into art. While regular folks recognize these famous paintings from afar, art history majors will chase you through the snow to find out where you bought these artsy, cozy socks.

2. Happy Socks

Bob Ross videos make the perfect study break: his voice soothes, his paintings mesmerize and his random words of wisdom make you a better you. You’ll walk on the sunshine of Bob’s great attitude with these socks. Bob Ross thought a landscape would be pretty on your socks, but you thought Bob Ross would be prettier. Happy tree socks mean happy toes.

3. Sock You

The public demanded a middle finger emoji for all the times someone cancelled plans or an ex texted them, and the public got it. Now you can carry around this rude symbol wherever you walk. Rock these socks under your boots to the class with that professor that doesn’t do partial credit. Wear them out to lunch with that frenemy you can’t get rid of. Throw them on those days where you just wake up on the “f­–k you” side of the bed. Satisfy your inner rebel with these secret cozy socks of hate.

4. Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth

These socks make putting your foot in your mouth actually sound tasty. Your mouth will water looking at your own feet, which might freak you out. Either way, these cozy socks make the simple statement that you are all about comfort food. This goes without saying, but why not (ice) scream it from your feet? You might make others hungry too, and before you know it you’ll have a squad to grab a bite with.

5. Guac Socks

Who knew a food could be so trendy in and outside the kitchen? Avocados spread themselves onto the culinary scene like an avocado on a trendy piece of California toast. We couldn’t be happier that someone discovered the genius ingredient behind guac could do so much more. Now avocados can live on your soles as well as in your soul. It’s just the pits when your socks are boring, so these socks dotted with avocados make your feet look as good as a Tostitos scoop chip filled with guac.

6. Argyle with a Twist

These cozy socks put a colorful twist on the same pattern as that sweater your mom bought you to wear to Sunday dinners at Grandma’s. The rainbow color scheme of these socks makes the argyle pattern a real statement. When you stand up, your socks stand out. With six pairs to choose from, you can wear a different rainbow on your feet almost every day. Unfortunately one day a week, your feet won’t be nearly as happy as when you’re rocking these.

7. Thick as a College Textbook

Of all the things we like thick–wallets, thighs, hair–socks don’t get enough priority. We need some thick, cozy socks to get us through the winter, and these babies get the job done. These socks use the same pattern as that ugly Christmas sweater you sweat under for all of your holiday parties this year. If you were warm then, just wait till you slip your frostbitten toes into these. Forget the days of too-thin socks and holes in the toes.

8. Fuzzy Like Your Memories From Last Weekend

You already have fleece-lined leggings and wool-lined boots, a down jacket and a fluffy sweater, but you’re still missing one plush accessory to complete your coziest winter outfit. These microfiber socks give your slippers competition in the comfort category, and you can actually wear them to class. Treat yourself with a walk to class that feels like you stuffed warm clouds in your boots. 

9. Peek-a-boo Preppy

Play fashionable peek-a-boo with these stylish boot socks. Crochet and two little buttons come out to play over the top of your boots, while your feet and legs stay warm inside. This design ran the game of winter preppiness, and this OG hasn’t left the building yet. Take basic boots to the next level of cute with this pair.

10. No Carbon Footprints

Even when the only green things left are Christmas trees, you can stay green too. Eco-friendly, that is. Recycled cotton thread makes these cozy socks a great choice for the environment and for you. In addition to saving the world (go you), you’ll stay warm with their thermal design that can stand up to Northern frosts. Jack Frost has nothing on you with Mother Earth at your service.

Marin is a pizza snob from Chicago (deep dish only) who loves writing, baking, and wasting the day away watching videos of baby animals. She is a Journalism major at the University of Iowa and she hopes to be the editor of a magazine one day.

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