Why Smartphones Will Get You Ahead In Life

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The hot topics these days all seem to consist of rivalries: Mac vs. PC, Marvel vs. DC, Ravens vs. Steelers, eat-in vs. carry-out, Coke vs. Pepsi and iPhone vs. Droid. The latter of these has picked up some steam as smart phones have become more and more popular in the past few years. With 49.7% of American cell phone owners texting, calling, surfing the web and playing games on smart phones (according to a February Nielsen report), it is not surprising that each and every one of us seems to have an opinion on which one is better.

There is one thing that everyone can seem to agree on though: smart phones are an asset for any college student. And with social media access as being one plus, why not share your thoughts on why you love smart phones Twitter-style?

@KatieCooper, Sophomore, McDaniel College: “Smart phones help with organization. They have awesome apps to help remember things. #BrainDeadFromFinals”

@LindsayGarten, Junior, Barnard College: “Smart phones are great for college students; when something comes up you are able to access your email wirelessly to stay informed.”        

@SarahChen, Sophomore, The Ohio State University: “Despite enabling the constant need 2 check FB, having a smart phone connects u 2 the student body, allows quick info access, and organizes ur day. #yay”

@ClaireGoff, Sophomore, Drexel University: “Email! Whether it is about class, my part-time job, or even a group project, I need constant access to my email in case something comes up.”

@SonoKhan, Sophomore, University of Maryland, Baltimore County: “Goin class 2 class, it’s hard to track other plans for the day. W/ smart phones u check calendars & stay in touch w/ friends 2 make sure ur not flaking on prior engagements.”

@AlexHayden, Sophomore, Yale University: “Multitasking. I have to have my work calendars, my email accounts, my documents, and [my] contacts all in one portable place when I'm out for the day.”

@KerryStephens, Junior, Savannah College of Art and Design: "As a new smart phone user, I don't know how I ever lived w/o it. I’m always on the go & I've started doing a lot of work from my phone. I can do research for class or stay connected w/ group projects no matter where I am or what I’m doing."

@JenniferLowe, Junior, University of Delaware: “I don't have one and often find myself in the dark about campus events or professor emails until I get back to my dorm. I need it on the go!”

Besides being a good way to keep track of time during a boring lecture or a good distraction during finals week, these students all agree that smart phones can be really helpful in the daily life of a college student.

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