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Sales and Marketing, Acquisitions or Editorial Internships, Gainesville, FL

The Press is the official publisher for the State University System, a special group apart from the state university system supported by either a state or entity that publishes 100 new print and digital books each year. “From sowing the newest seeds of scholarship to preserving important voices from the past, UPF is a vital link between knowledge and its many applications,” Director of Sales & Marketing Romi Gutierrez said. UPF offers multiple internships for students wishing to break into the writing and publishing industries.

What It’s Actually Like

Internships polish rough potential into gleaming talent at the University Press of Florida, offering multiple opportunities for those wishing to break into the writing and publishing industries. So if you want to become the next king or queen of literature or crown said writing rulers, consider applying for a UPF internship in sales and marketing, acquisitions or editorial. UPF will definitely keep interns busy in each department.

Cool Stuff You Get To Do

Acquisitions interns send form letters, file, secure peer reviews for manuscripts and maintain a readers and books database. Interns at the editorial department assist in copyediting and proofreading and work with electronic publishing programs. In sales and marketing, interns take part in writing press released and copy for book covers and catalog, advertising, market research and more.

What You’ll Learn

Seriously, if you want to get a good head start in your publishing career or desire to get your feet wet in the industry as a budding writer or editor, start your application for the Press. “We’ve had many interns go on to work in publishing in New York, but whether or not the intern desires a career in publishing, they will still learn very valuable skills about how to work in a business environment,” Gutierrez said.

How To Prepare For Your Application

UPF doesn’t run like “The Hunger Games,” just spruce up the cover letter and update your resume. Show the Press that you’re eager to work for them and that you possess the grammar, organization, communication and confidence to rock their office.

Skills That Impress Them

Take it from one of their employees. “Every department is looking for a different set of skills, but we are most impressed by individuals who listen carefully, ask questions, write well and show an interest in performing quality work,” Gutierrez said.

Cool Perks

Ever wanted to work with an author? Interns in the acquisitions department read and evaluate manuscripts, interact with authors and work with electronic publishing programs. Not only that, but at the end of the internship, interns meet the UPF director, pick out and take home several books for free and attend any author events available.

The Deets

Minimum 12 hours per week

Paid with experience and new skillsets (not money)

Available for credit

To apply, email cover letter and resume to [email protected] with a subject line stating the desired department

Rocio Cosme is a sophomore majoring in English at University of Florida. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, crushing over fictional boys in her favorite books, and free hugs.

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