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PR Intern

Pep Promotions, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, partners with companies to manage and promote their marketing campaigns. By focusing on the details, the timelines, budgets and coordination, Pep is the perfect partner for clients with big-time projects.

What’s It Actually Like?

Pep has a fast, youthful culture. With an average employee age of 28, the office maintains an energized, casual work environment. “Our culture is my favorite part of the organization. Group and committee happy hours and other events are always going on outside of the office. You can really make the internship your own,” –Andrea Kozakewich, Talent Acquisition Specialist for Pep Promotions.

Cool Stuff You Get to Do?

Hands-on involvement is the gem of this internship. Because its responsibilities mirror the work you would be doing as an employee, the internship at Pep requires considerable time and energy. “From working on our Community Gold Outing Charity Event, to learning about our company, vendor tours, and downtown office, to working with World Class CPG Clients – P&G, Heinz, Johnson & Johnson and many others, you’ll be directly involved in project management and marketing,” –Andrea Kozakewich.

What You’ll Learn?

Given the workload, it’s not surprising how much you’re expected to learn during this internship. “You will learn how to be a great project manager, the basics of execution for large CPG promotional marketing, how to help with large scale event planning, how to work in an office/agency-like environment, and our specific processes,” –Andrea Kozakewich.

How to Prepare for your Application

As with any company, experience or educational preparation is helpful. Business and marketing knowledge as well as enthusiasm and communication skills are great for this internship. It is also advised that applicants include a cover letter and answer all the questions in the application.

Skills That Impress Them

They say prior knowledge prevents poor performance. Knowing information about their company is a great first step at Pep. “We’re impressed when someone talks about our clients during thier interview, and not just our culture. People who seem to take initiative and have specific examples to questions impress us,” –Andrea Kozakewich.

The Perks

With an exciting downtown office, free parking, 401k matches, great health insurance, fun events after work, sports leagues, and a casual office environment, you can’t go wrong at Pep.

The Deets

We are always hiring for entry level – Account Coordinators and Account Coordinators Satellite Trainee. Check out our website to learn more. Interns at Pep work on individual schedules for $12-$15/hour. Applications are all web-based.


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