“It’s Just So Far Away:” How to Workout Far Away from a Gym

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It’s been a long week of midterms and you’re feeling sluggish after surviving on late night pizza, take-out, chips and Sprite. Your body is not thanking you, but sometimes a trip to the gym sounds about as tempting as a casual stroll through Mordor. You’d have to put pants on and there are so many sweaty people. But that’s OK; You’re a strong, independent person and you don’t need no gym.

Take the Scenic Route

As a college student, you already work out a lot more than you think from walking everywhere. If you’re in need of a little extra stretch of the legs and want to put off that paper, take the long route. Explore a corner of campus you don’t usually frequent. You might see some familiar faces or find a prime study spot you would otherwise totally overlook. Plus the extra walking will make you feel better about sitting to write that paper for the next 12 hours.

Play Games with Friends

Working out doesn’t have to be such a drag, and it can even help get your socializing in during a busy day. Burn pizza calories by grabbing a couple buddies and playing a pick up game of basketball, tennis or whatever sport suits you best. It’s a way to goof off with friends and do something besides hang in a dorm, and get an endorphin rush–then you can head straight to the dining hall. If you’re short a couple players, see if you can recruit some other gym-goers.

Go For A Nature Walk

If taking the scenic route to class proves to be a nice change, take a nature adventure with your roommate. Find a green area around campus and bust out a stroll (or power-walk). Get your seventh inning stretch in between homework, and use it as time to catch up on your roommate’s latest boyfriend drama. Conversation will keep you from thinking how tiring a long walk can be, and instead you’ll be hoping it doesn’t end. Plus it’ll make for a great way to get an outdoorsy Instagram for your followers.

Take an Exercise Class

OK, so this might include going to the campus gym, but it’s a lot better than showing up to stare down a machine as you try to figure out how the heck you’re supposed to use it. Try something you’ve never done before like kickboxing (and if you have done kickboxing, then kudos to you), or hot yoga, which is a pretty intense workout. Get a few friends to go with you and make it a weekly event. You’ll get a regular workout schedule and keep in touch with your ultra-busy friends.

Pump the Jams

Always wanted to know how to salsa? Or love to dance but don’t get to express it? Go for it by getting your a** on a dance floor. Dancing is probably the most fun way to get in a really rigorous workout. If you want to learn how to dance like a pro, try a barre, Zumba or ballroom dance class. Put some music on with friends and get down on it, or head to a dance club on a Friday night and make dancing the focal point.

 Make Procrastination Your Bitch

Guilt free procrastination: Use your workout to put off other things. The best way to take a mental break when studying is to get active, work up a sweat and then take a glorious, hard-earned shower afterwards. Next time you’re staring at a computer screen with writer’s block or when the words on the textbook page start swimming, put the books down and lace up the Nikes.

Katherine is a sophomore studying secondary education and English at Boston College. She is a lover of reading, quoting movies, and never met a cup of coffee she didn't like.

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