What Guys at UF Look for in a Girl

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Getting a guy isn’t typically a problem for girls, but keeping a guy is. Girls get hit on all the time. But for some reason, guys stop showing interest after a short while (wtf, dudes?!). Wondering what it is you might be doing wrong? No worries, College Magazine came up with the “must have” traits that guys are looking for in a girl.


“I want a girl who’s mature where we won’t have an argument taking shots at each other…I would like to know that we can both sit down and have a discussion without trying to say things that would hurt the other individual.” —Josh Herrera, senior

No matter how hard you may try, you can’t take back what you say. Make sure to cool off from an argument before trying to talk things out. Guys really like girls who can keep their cool or, in guy language, girls who are not “crazy.”


“I need her to help me discover new perspective…And then I will be hooked like a fish on a line.” —Mark Guara, senior

College is a pivotal time to find yourself and to grow. Guys want a girl they can’t figure out right away. You don’t want to be a puzzle either, but you want to bring something new to the table that not just any girl can bring.


“She understands that life happens outside of our comfort zone. She has an appetite for the new and exotic.” —Son Vo, sophomore

It’s no surprise that guys get bored easily. This is why they love a girl who is open-minded. Whether you’re down to try weird new foods or visit new places, guys want someone who is down to jump into new experiences with them.

A little attitude

“She will put up a fight and be my equal in a relationship.” —Abdul-Kader Okab, sophomore

Have a backbone, ladies. Guys love it when a girl is lively. No need to be the female version of Kanye West, but don’t be afraid to give him a piece of your mind when you need to. You’re companions, so it’s just as much his job as it is yours to be honest and straightforward when you need to.


“She doesn’t need to check up on me every minute of every hour of every day.” —Taylor Bell, junior

“…That assertiveness lets me know that they’re going to be successful in life.” —Ian Medina, senior

Confidence is key. Always. A girl who holds her own and doesn’t need anyone else’s approval is one of the most attractive qualities a girl can have. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, however. Make sure you don’t overdo it and end up looking like a snobby, stuck-up b*tch.


“If I’m in med school, I would hope that she would be understanding that it’s time consuming…If there are times when I feel like I may be giving up, I would love for her to motivate me.” —Jeff Solius, junior

Like I said, couples are each other’s companions. It’s important you show him you care and you bring him up when he’s down. You’re his lover, his friend and his partner. You should bring out the best in each other and have each other’s backs no matter what.

 A Real Connection

“I’ve been out with girls who either don’t care or don’t notice that you’re trying to start a conversation. I want someone I can easily converse with.” —Juan Santiago, senior

“I love it when you not only can talk about anything but also can have a comfortable silence. Not every moment needs to be filled with conversation.” —David Riascos, senior

The only way to establish a real connection is to truly get to know the guy you’re dating. Sometimes, you have it and other times you just don’t. Without a doubt, you want to be dating someone with whom the connection comes naturally. Otherwise, you’re dating someone who isn’t ever going to feel like “home.”


“Although it’s good to be serious, sometimes it’s good to joke around and laugh. A girl who makes the best of everything will bring a lot of happiness to other people.” —Anthony Garcia, freshman

Everyone loves happy people. They brighten your day and help you forget the things that are bringing you down. Being a positive person will take you far, not only in your dating life but in your career and with your friendships too.

Guys aren’t that hard to figure out. It’s simple. Listen to your guy, be loving and be honest. Try to keep things fun and interesting. Guys honestly look for the same things that girls look for anyways. Just focus on being the best version of yourself and the rest will follow.

Melissa is a senior Telecommunications major at the University of Florida. She enjoys reading, writing and making music.

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