Gone Beachin’: 20 Jams for Your End of Summer Playlist

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With the end of the summer creeping up from coast to coast, college kids storm their local beach vying for one last chance at a glorious tan and breath of crisp ocean air. Before you hop out onto the hot sand, make sure you’re equipped with the perfect beach bum playlist to help whisk away your pending responsibilities. With this playlist in hand, you’ll be ready to chill out harder than Mr. Freeze inside of a refrigerator. Let’s pretend that never happened and move on to the music, yeah?

1. “Paradise Waiting” by Vacationer

All week you dream of going to the beach with your friends to escape the melancholy of sitting at home all day, studying for summer classes, working and visiting every Pokémon stop in sight. Fret not, for a paradise waits for you. Keep on keeping on buckaroo, you’ll be where you want to be soon enough.

2. “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

No beach playlist can be complete without the king of beachside pop, Jack Johnson. “Banana Pancakesembodies the perfect summer mentality, keeping you worry-free. You’ll sit on the beach half-sleeping and half-daydreaming while your body catches too many sun rays. Maybe next time we remember to put on suntan lotion before going into a Jack Johnson coma, huh?

3. “Sour Patch Kids” by Bryce Vine

“Sour Patch Kids” makes you want to ride your bike down the beachfront, blasting the tune from a boom box slung over your shoulder with its upbeat vibe and carefree lyrics. Feel like a kid again while you build sandcastles and splash your friends in the ocean. Take a siesta under a palm tree and think about all the good times you’ve had this summer and the many more you’ll make with your friends when fall rolls around.

4. “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett

What’s worse than Monday? Absolutely nothing. Monday rolls around and sucks the fun right out of you as you’re forced back into a cubicle for your summer internship. When Friday arrives, heave your paperwork up in the air, throw on your board shorts and sprint as fast as you can to the beach (and far away from the impending Monday).

5. “It’s 5’O Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson

The perfect excuse for when someone asks you why you’re drinking a margarita at 10 a.m.

6. “Badfish” by Sublime

It’s no surprise that a band born on the beach would create hits that make the ocean feel like home. You’re trying to get near any body of water ASAP after feeling land locked at school. Hey, at least you have a pretty cool Koi pond on campus for your fishing needs. Well, false alarm. Turns out Koi are really expensive and you can’t afford to replace them on your college budget. Bummer.

7. “Island In the Sun” by Weezer

Imagine living on your own personal island in the middle of the ocean, away from the rest of the world. Nobody can bother you or take you away from lounging on the beach. The solitude may get lonely, but at least you have a volleyball you can talk to without anyone thinking you’re weird. Wait—I’m describing the plot of “Castaway” with Tom Hanks. Well, you have to admit the island he was on did seem pretty peaceful.

8. “Cabin By The Sea” by The Dirty Heads

Embrace this free time with your hometown pals, because once school starts you wont see them for a while (unless they drive up and surprise you for your birthday). Make sure to take a picture to preserve the memory forever. But just like the song says, “What the photograph don’t show is where we’re heading tomorrow.” Well, what are you waiting for? Hit up your group chat and make plans for a new adventure tomorrow!

9. “Kings of the Weekend” by Blink 182

For the last bit of summer you wear your itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikini (or board shorts). Jam out to this song till the sun goes down and rises the next day. Who said chilling out was the only thing you could do at the beach?

10. “Blessings” by Chance The Rapper

Chance created such a peaceful song that’s become the anthem of the summer. “Blessings” sucks all problems and worries out of you. Let go of everything pulling you down and embrace the good going on in your life.

11. “Summer Nights” by Iration

“Summer Nights” by Iration paints a picture of you with your friends cruising down the highway late at night, chanting song lyrics out loud with the windows rolled down. You guys don’t know where you’re going and don’t really care. Burnt into your brain, those summer nights will never fade away.

12. “Bad Decisions” by Bumpin’ Uglies

Nothing sounds beachier than a song about letting loose. “Bad Decisions” feels like a torn out Saturday night for the average college kid. The reggae beat in the background takes you away from thoughts of calculus in a month. Instead, the rhythm puts you somewhere on an island with an ice cold beer in your hand. Go back to your careless freshman year and live with no inhibitions.

13. “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley

No beach playlist is complete without the calm, cool and collected vibe of Bob Marley. You’ll live the island life with this flowing out of the speaker.

14. “Controlla” by Drake

You’ll dance like DJ Khaled when this comes on the airwaves. With a mix of rap and dancehall influences, one of Drake’s most interesting songs off his new album Controlla will make your hips moving in ways you never thought possible. Make sure to take these newfound dance skills to college so you can show up all your friends at the club.

15. “Sober” by Blink 182

Probably the one thing you won’t be at the beach.

16. “Beachside” by Bazanji

Beachsidecreates a vintage beach vibe with a modern twist. You can chill and party to this song at the exact same time. Sure your brain will get hella confused as to what mood you’re in, but your brain doesn’t need to be turned on until fall anyways.

17. “Over The Rainbow” by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole

If you weren’t happy before hearing this, a smile will plaster across your face as soon as you hear that ukulele strumming in the background. Sit back, put on your sunglasses and just lay back. Note: If someone asks who sings this song, don’t bother trying to pronounce it and just show him your phone.

18. “Take It Easy” by The Eagles

The motto rests within the title. Don’t sweat the little things and enjoy your life, kiddo.

19. “Toes” by Zac Brown Band

Let me introduce you to the beach anthem. Everyone chants the chorus together in unison, cheerfully laughing with one another. You’re living the song as we speak. Well what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and enjoy your day at the beach!

20. “It Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube

As you begin the drive back home in bumper-to-bumper traffic, road rage chills out in the back seat. Take a deep breath and sink into your seat. You can’t complain because today was one for the books. You enjoyed a remarkable summer, and today was the icing on the cake.

Brandon is a Junior at Florida State University studying Editing, Writing and Media. He can be found raving about his fantasy football team that came in second place last season or eating something chicken related.

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