22 Feels You Get Sitting at Your Summer Desk Job

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Brace yourself for the next monotonous eight hours of your life. Now that the summer cleared up your class schedule, your are free enough to actually work adult hours (AKA the 9 to 5 grind). You’ll deal with stupid coworkers, an irritating boss and angry customers, but you can expect free coffee, office gossip and some phat bank. Lean back in your stone-hard chair and take your sixth break of the day, you deserve to relax after seven minutes of hard work. Who better to describe your day working behind a desk than the employees of Dunder Mifflin?

1. When you get offered a desk job that pays money

2. When you dress up for your first day at the office

3. When you first see your teeny tiny desk

4. When you realize the job involves filing towers of paper

5. And manning the phones

6. When you realize this job doesn’t seem as glamorous as you first thought

7. When your boss asks to speak French because you listed it as a skill on your resume

8. And then you ask her to for more detailed instructions

9. When you find your office confidant and she shows you the ropes

10. And then you find ways to entertain yourselves on a boring day

11. When you find the coworker whose goal is to make your life difficult

12. When you get caught eating lunch at your desk to avoid people

13. And then the annoying coworker asks to eat lunch with you

14. When you look out your window and see a clear blue, bright sky

15. And then you open group chat and see your friends planned a beach day without you

16. And then you want to convince the office you’re sick so they’ll send you home

17. But when your coworker asks you to cover for him when he fakes sick

18. When you start thinking about what you’ll do when you finally clock out

19. When you finally get your first paycheck

20. When your desk neighbor asks you to help her finish filing before you leave

21. And you really want to say no

22. But ultimately you turn around to help because you realize you actually like the people you work with

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