What Searching for a Job Is Really Like

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Hey, look at you—you just graduated (congrats)! Now it’s time to find a job (bummer). Sure, some of your fellow recent alumni already had jobs lined up, but those people are secretly robots designed to steal jobs from the debt-ridden college grads. Or so I’ve heard. Right now, you gotta focus on going all in on your job search. Not sure what finding a job will be like? It won’t be fun, that’s for sure.

When You Send out 30 Apps and Feel Great about Your Chances

When the application asks you to list “Reason for Leaving”

When you feel discriminated against because of something on your resume

when you start dreaming of making dat money

When Weeks go by and you still haven’t heard back and your optimism is fading

when you’re starting to lose hope

when you see an email from an employer

when the email turns out to be a rejection email, because of course

When you parents ask you how the job search is going

When you start to go crazy because it’s been three months and still nada

when you eventually have to go back to your part-time summer job because your career search is going no where

when you just DGAF about your part-time job

When you get so bored at home and you have no idea what you’re doing anymore

When all your friends are getting jobs and the highlight of your day is watching Maury


When you get asked if you’ve found a job yet

when you get an email from an employer…and they want to interview you

when you walk in to the office and see all the other candidates

when you’re asked a question you’re not prepared for

When you’re told “We’ll get back to you shortly”

when you get asked how your interview went

When you’re told they went with a more qualified candidate

When you’re asked to come back for a second interview but you can’t believe your good fortune

When you think you actually may have possibly (who knows?) aced the interview

when you finally land a job and you feel on top of the world

Austin is in his final year at the University of Florida studying English. He enjoys binging on Shark Tank, winning the Mortal Kombat, and occasionally stepping in for Batman when necessary.

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