21 Best Rom Coms on Netflix to Watch with Girlfriends

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Of course everyone loves getting all dressed up to go to dinner or go clubbing, but sometimes a girl just wants to curl up on her cozy sofa with her girlfriends. A girls’-night-in with some takeout usually means that only a rom com, with its predictable, feel-good ending, can satisfy your “feeling-lazy” mood.

Learn more about the best rom coms on Netflix to watch with your girlfriends to have a successful, cozy girls’-night-in.

1. When We First Met

“When I want to feel the fuzzy, warm feeling inside, but I don’t wanna cry my eyes out, I watch a rom com!” University of Edinburgh junior Claudia Mulia said. When We First Met will definitely fix that kind of mood. Best friends Noah and Avery exude that “could-have-been” vibe. Noah realizes how much he hates being just friends at Avery’s engagement party, so he time-travels back to their first night to confess his love. Watch this the next time someone foolishly friend-zones you.

2. Mamma Mia!

Do you love singing when you have a new crush? Musical rom com Mamma Mia! perfectly mixes romance, family and ABBA songs while still delivering that feel-good fuzz. Newly engaged Sophie wants to meet her father, so she invites her mom’s three ex-boyfriends to her wedding on a Greek island. This movie will make you want to get up, dance and sing with your girlfriends—honestly, why not?

3. 13 Going on 30

“It’s a movie I’ve watched countless times growing up and it just makes me feel nostalgic. I usually end up watching it when I want to relax or get a good cry out. Also, I’m a sucker for the romance trope of childhood friends, and Jennifer Garner is so dang pretty,” San Francisco State University second-year graduate student Sophie Chiu said. If Jenna lost touch with her childhood bestie Matt nowadays, she probably would just look him on Facebook, but watching them catch up in New York remains so cute.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Look at your little black dress in your closet. Every woman has her own version of the LBD thanks to Hepburn’s iconic outfit in this movie. Arguably one of the original romantic comedies, watching Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, a New York socialite brings an instant smile. You’ll also catch some rom com tropes in this film like the passionate kiss in the rain and the tension-filled love confession.

5. Happy New Year

Think of a time you had a life plan for yourself, but a guy came along and he blew it all up. This Bollywood film mixes comedy, suspense and romance while centered around a diamond heist. This happens to Charlie’s plot for revenge until he meets Mohini, a Marathi bar dancer. “I like how the lady taught him to be a more responsible and better person. I just liked how I could see a change in him,” UCLA junior Amanda Hensley said.

6. Amélie

Do you have a tendency to people-watch? So does Amélie, after she moves out from her parents’ house at the age of 18. Like any college freshman, Amélie takes pleasure in the little things in life. In her own quirky way, she makes new friends and learns more about herself as a person. Charming and whimsical Amélie easily draws you in, and will definitely get you #obsessed with the luscious French language.

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

“A mellow film with a lot of funny characters that have good chemistry together. My favorite aspect of the movie is that it tells a story of getting over a breakup in a fun and lighthearted way that’s not very realistic but it makes you sympathize with the protagonist,” UCSB junior Michelle Kang said. For anyone whose long-term relationship suddenly just ended, this film will offer some comfort. More focused on the male perspective of the rom com, the film centers around Peter after he breaks up with his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall.

8. I Am Not an Easy Man

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and the world seems a little funky? Proud chauvinist Damien loves playing with women until he wakes up in an alternate universe where women have all the power, and men try their best to appeal to women. Hilarious and thought-provoking, this movie occupied my thoughts for long after the last scene. The film inverts so many of the subtle patriarchal aspects of our world that it forces you to pay extra close attention.

9. Midnight in Paris

Flashback to that time you read an author’s work and felt an instant connection with him, even if he died decades ago. While vacationing in Paris with his fiancée Inez, screenwriter Gil runs into Paul, a pretentious, wannabe intellect and his wife. The real drama starts when Gil takes midnight walks around Paris and he has time-traveling experiences with famous figures of the past. “One of the most important aspects of a movie that makes it good is the soundtrack—Midnight in Paris has just that! It’s cheeky and charming and it really sets the mood of the movie.  I’m really into cinematography and the way movies are filmed, and I think this movie does it beautifully, from the coloring to the framing of the shots,” UCSB junior Alli Chang said.

10. Must Love Dogs

You probably feel so sick and tired of relatives asking you, “You dating anyone now?” Sarah totally knows that feeling as a divorced woman in her forties. Sarah’s sister makes a profile for her on an online dating site, putting in the description “must love dogs.” From this dating site, Sarah meets Jake Anderson, another divorcée played by the endlessly charming John Cusack. Instead of watching cute puppy videos on Instagram, you can see some puppies in this movie.

11. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This film takes place in a span of around 10 days, so throwback to that guy you dated for a bit only to find out he low key already had another girlfriend. One of the most iconic rom coms, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, turns the classic rom com storyline topsy-turvy. “The plot of the film is funny because Andie will do everything possible to get Ben to dislike her so she can write her article ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ but he sticks through it all because he needs Andie to fall for him in 10 days in order for him to get his promotion. They start their relationship based off of their messed-up personal intentions but you always end up rooting for the couple to actually fall in love,” UCLA junior Megan Reusche said.

12. Bring It On

Ever had a ridiculous crush on your bestie’s too cute brother? That happens to cheerleading captain Torrance as she leads her team through competitions in her senior year of high school. Her dedication and passion to her sport is so #relatable that almost makes you want to cringe. A nostalgic movie to watch with your girlfriends to remember the bygone days of high school and the fashion of year 2000.

13. Definitely, Maybe

The first sex-ed class in fifth-grade got too up close and personal with male and female parts “down-there,” so unsurprisingly it shocked all your classmates. After that same experience, newly divorced Will’s young daughter Maya asks her dad how he met her mother. “It was cute because it incorporated his daughter, and I thought [she] had a pretty pivotal role in the movie because she was the one kind of pushing the plot along,” UCSB sophomore Katherine Tsai said.

14. The First Time

Lots of people dream of their first time as super special and romantic. Dave and Aubrey both try to make their first times moments to remember, but as we know, life doesn’t always work out like that. Seeing these two teenagers stumble their way through mistakes, awkward moments and first lovers will surely inspire a smirk and laughter. Watching it with your girlfriends will let you bond over common past experiences.

15. A Cinderella Story

Seeing a classic diner, flip phones and clunky PCs on the screen might give you whiplash, but the cute retelling of Cinderella set in L.A. makes it all worth it. “My favorite scene is when the two main characters dance to the song ‘I’ll Be’ during the school dance. They go outside the dance and talk, just the two of them. They’re both wearing their costumes and it’s just really cute,” UCI junior Brittney Yee said.

16. America’s Sweethearts

If you’ve been caught between a couple in the middle of breaking up, you’ll definitely see yourself in Kiki, the sister of famous actress Gwen. New relationships sometimes spark right as old ones are dying, and the jealousy across a love triangle rages. Even though most people wish for exes Gwen and Eddie to get back together, you can’t help but root for underdog Kiki.

17. The Kissing Booth

Do you enjoy watching lifelong best friends fall in love as much as I do? Naturally, I hoped Elle would fall in love with her bestie Lee, but instead she goes for his older brother, Noah. Nevertheless, this forbidden love will pull at your heartstrings as the main couple tries their best to stay together. “The Kissing Booth is my favorite movie on Netflix right now, simply because of how cute and cheesy it is. Everyone likes a little cheese every now and then. I like how even though many would consider it a cliché it really isn’t in some aspects,” University of Florida junior Yeyenne Telisme said.

18. Bachelorette

When four best friends—Regan, Gena, Katie and Becky—reunite for Becky’s wedding they plan for a fun-filled weekend. Except after taking cocaine Gena brought, the friends go through have a series of mishaps involving the bride’s wedding dress. With a great balance between the romance and the comedy, you should watch this one with your closest girlfriends to laugh out loud during the funny scenes and hug each other close during the touching ones.

19. License to Wed

Sadie recognized Ben as “the one” she wanted to marry soon after they started dating. To confirm this, friendly neighborhood Reverend Frank, the fabulous Robin Williams, puts Sadie and Ben through a prenuptial course (test) before they get married. Plenty of college girls dream of getting invited to a drama-filled wedding that includes arguments, misunderstandings and cold feet, all of which feature in this film.

20. Leap Year

Many girls dream of a picture-perfect proposal, but Anna engineers hers to her boyfriend on February 29 while he attends a conference in Ireland. “My favorite part of the movie is that it takes place in Ireland; it’s this dreary countryside and I like watching it on cloudy days and get all snuggly with it. They’re cute and charming, and I just love Amy Adams,” UCLA junior Lauren Dorst said. For anyone who has dreamt getting swept off her feet by a handsome man with a hot accent, this movie will satisfy your deepest fantasies.

21. Love Actually

Including 24 characters and 10 different storylines revolving around love, this ensemble filmwill suck you in like the drama in your biggest group chat. It also reassures anyone out there who does not long for a romantic love as it also promotes familial and platonic love. My particular favorite storyline follows the recently elected Prime Minister of England, David, and his romance with his cute secretary. With lots of characters crossing over between America and England, you realize love can survive long distances (sending love to our high school sweetheart LDRs now). A feel-good movie perfect to watch during the feel-good season of the year (Christmas), it also reassures that love does not always mean romance.

Kaitlyn Tang is a third year English major at UCLA. When not going to school, she loves to immerse herself in fantasy novels, critically acclaimed films, and K-pop.

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