10 Avengers Characters We Recognize in the Familiar Faces Around Campus

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Black Panther continues to claw its way through record after record. Avengers: Infinity War is about to hit theaters. And Ant-Man and the Wasp lies just around the corner. It’s fair to say superhero popularity shows no sign of slowing down. We love seeing these characters grow and develop through the course of multiple movies. Today, take a step back and recognize what we see in others that reminds us of our favorite heroes. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has several diverse personalities that can easily get identified on any given college campus.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 10 Avengers characters to look out for on campus.

1. Iron Man

avengers characters iron man

Iron Man 2

We all know that you can find arrogance, narcissism and sarcasm on a college campus easily. However, these specific students embody Tony Starks personality to a concerning tee. While this ironed avenger may exhibit selfless tendencies when he suits up and saves the world as Iron Man, he also relishes in his playboy status and can never get enough of himself in or outside the suit. Sound familiar?

If you live or work on a college campus you probably know someone who thinks of themselves as God’s personal gift to the university. However, they remain appealing due to their understated brilliance and willing ness to do the right thing when called upon. “I think I’m closest to Tony Stark,” said Georgia State University senior Cole Gibson. “He wants what’s best for everyone but depends on himself to achieve that end. And he also acts like a smart-ass.” This student will step up to help a drunk friend in need in the same way that Iron Man will put his life on the line to save others.

2. Hulk

avengers characters hulk

Thor Ragnarok

You see them in class and they seem unassuming. But once Friday night hits, you will come across them outside of the classroom and see the beast within. Students like this would fall among the Hulks of your campus. Except whereas Bruce Banner transforms into a disruptive and loud monster when he finds himself in an upsetting environment, these students’ inner party monster comes out when introduced to a setting prime for partying. You never expected this reserved person to kill it on the dance floor.

Much like the Hulk, if these students let the beast inside loose, they will most likely leave behind a path of undergraduate destruction and wake up with little memory of what happened the next morning. “My friend can sometimes become a different person when he’s out partying. He’s a pretty big guy too so If he gets into trouble it would be hard for me and my friends to stop him,” said Florida State University sophomore Jeffery Vaughn.

3. Captain America

avengers characters captain

Avengers: Age of Ultron

When you need a designated driver, someone to help you study or even a buddy to just hang out with you when you feel a little lonely, you should immediately call the Captain Americas you know that reside on your campus. Much like the Star-Spangled Man himself, these students have everyone’s best interest at heart. Where Cap might use his mighty shield to protect the innocent from evil, these students will always have your back when it comes to extra notes, rides to wherever you need to go and general life advice. However, you will never find Captain America in a position where he gets manipulated by malicious forces. If you think that you can abuse this type of student’s kindness, then get ready to suffer some serious consequences.

4. Black Widow

avengers characters widow

Captain America: Civil War

Have you ever seen a student who seems just like another pretty face? Someone who you want to talk to only because they have a look that you find attractive or appealing? Approach these students with caution because they more than likely represent one of the Black Widows at your school. These students, much like Natasha Romanov herself, are as deadly as they are beautiful. They will quickly shut down your superficial opinions of them by displaying an unseen brilliance and unrivaled wit.

Due to her status as a super-spy, Black Widow has the ability to conceal her identity at will in order to get information or do some serious damage. “I like to put a bit of work into my daily look, I do feel that people underestimate me a bit for that, but I never let it get to me,” said University of Alabama sophomore Ansley Stratton. These students exhibit similar traits as they can simultaneously look gorgeous while also shutting any negative or degrading opinions about them down. Do yourself a favor and don’t get on their bad side.

5. Black Panther

avengers characters black panther

Black Panther

The Black Panthers of your school will always do their best to stay as low-key as possible. In the same way that King T’Challa keeps the resources of his country Wakanda very close to the chest, these students don’t feel the need to display their intelligence or physical prowess to the masses. Also much like T’Challa, when introduced to a team or a group of friends, this type of student will most likely carry themselves with a greater sense of maturity and regality. “I often find myself having to take over the role as the leader,” said Mercer County Community College student Eric “I see myself as Black Panther because I have to make decisions that could help others.”

Always include a Black Panther in your college squad. In the same way that T’Challa will use his vibranium suit and claws to protect Wakanda, these students will use their intelligence to keep their friends out of harm’s way.

6. Spider-Man

avengers characters spiderman

Spider-Man: Homecoming

This group pertains to freshman since they display the energy and naiveté of the young Peter Parker. Only a teenager, Spider-Man’s excitement about joining the Avengers equals to a freshman’s excitement to enter the college environment. “I’ve definitely been Spider-Man early on in college; jumping into things that I probably wasn’t ready for,” said University of Washington sophomore William Friedman. “But I feel that it is all part of the learning process.”

You may find yourself annoyed by their childish antics at points. But you do see something appealing about them that makes you keep them around. These student’s eagerness to transition into a “college student” will lead them into some type of trouble, much like you see from Spider-Man. However, they will rise to the occasion, learn from their mistakes and swing back into action as college allows them to grow more mature.

7. Thor

avengers characters thor

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

These students clearly hail from another world. The Thor’s of your school often come from out-of-state and have trouble adapting to the ways of the university and its respective state. While they walk around campus with the noblest of intentions, they can’t help but look a bit silly as they try to acclimate themselves to this new college environment. Where the Mighty Thor, who hails from the realm of Asgard, may have trouble adapting to the lack of medieval weaponry or armor on Midgard (Earth), these students will always look out of place.

Thin about the students from Florida who wear winter coats when the temperature at their northern school drops below 60 degrees, or the students from New York who wear shorts, tanks and Timbs in below-freezing weather. Their ignorance is by no fault of their own. While The Avengers worked to acclimate the God of Thunder to the customs of earth, you should work to help the poor students get used to their environment.

8. Scarlet Witch

avengers characters witch

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Some may call them weird. Some may call them quirky. You might even call them your friend. But you will most certainly recognize the Scarlet Witches at your school as those who refuse to subscribe to the social norm. These students stand out from the crowd in both looks and personality. They may act overly happy and wear bright, flamboyant colors or look solemn and wear gothic blacks reserved for high school “emo kids.” Despite these quirks, Scarlet Witch holds the status of one of the most powerful members of The Avengers. Don’t look surprised when you find that students who embody her subversive demeanor reveal themselves as more than meets the eye.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy

avengers characters guardians

Guardians of the Galaxy

While not a single individual, you know you can recognize that group of friends who never seem to separate. Come to think of it, you probably have never seen any of them on their own due to the tight knit nature of their group. These are the Guardians of the Galaxy groups of your campus. They embody the irreverent nature that the zany, space traveling characters of the immature Star-Lord, the fierce Gamora, the aloof Drax, the quick-tempered Rocket Raccoon and tree of few words that Groot have.

No doubt such a mix cause you to question how such different personalities manage to get along so well. “[I identify with Gamora because] she has a strong moral compass that she strives to follow and push those around her to do the same, while at the same time knowing when to bend for the sake of the greater good,” said Georgetown University senior Lauren Smith. These students will often cruise around town to the tune of their own “Awesome Mix-Tape” as they blast their favorite songs from their car speakers. If you ever do come across these students individually, you may find them a tad awkward or a bit stand-offish. But once reunited with the crew, they display a bond that can lead them to the stars.

10. Ant-Man

avengers characters ant


Every group of friends has a troublemaker that you know can achieve so much more than their average ant-ics. This student represents the Ant-Mans on campus. Scott Lang’s specialty revolves around criminal activities such as breaking and entering as well as burglarizing. Most of his peers and friends know that if he applied his skills to something better, like being the superhero he soon grows in to (literally and figuratively), he would excel at it. This student could achieve academic and social heights if they applied their skill set to stop procrastinating. “I’m kind of like Ant-Man in that I often find myself getting my way into trouble even though I can easily avoid it,” said Columbia University sophomore Chandler Hill. “I tend to find my way out of trouble, but I kind of like the excitement it provides.” Despite these students’ imperfections, they show loyalty and will remain good friends with you. But, much like Ant-Man, they will require a little extra push to achieve the greatness they have in them.

Chris is a Senior Editing, Writing, and Media major at Florida State University with minors in Film Studies and Music. He is a lover of all things nerdy and hopes to inspire others through his writing and commitment to enacting social change.

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