10 Things to Be Salty About: A Boston College Anti-Thanksgiving

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This time of year especially, we’re supposed to give thanks and profess our gratefulness for literally everything. We set aside our worries and problems and try to focus on the good things in life. Alas, all that thankfulness can get a little overwhelming–sometimes there are things we just aren’t thankful for. Here are 10 things BC students are salty about this year.

1. Lots of Work Due Before Thanksgiving

“I’m salty about that pre-finals project around Thanksgiving that all teachers assign because they assume you have no other projects.” – Danielle Wehner, 2016

2. Bad Changes to the Dining Hall Menus

“I’m salty about the fact that Lower replaced Blazing Bowls with the flatbread salads.” – Taylor Tranfaglia, 2018

3. Midterms…Still

“I’m salty that BC is the only school that still has midterms this late into the semester. Shouldn’t we be done with midterms and focusing on finals?” – Jason Lam, 2016

4. Black Friday Starting Even Before Friday

“I’m salty about commercialism. My dad works in retail so he never gets to spend Thanksgiving with us.” – Amanda Melvin, 2017

5. Badly Timed Final Exams

“I’m salty about having only two finals, but one on the first day and the other on the last day.” – Ted Kearnan, 2017

6. People’s Really Messed Up Priorities

“I’m salty about how up in arms people are about the decoration of a coffee shop’s cup.” – Kyle Hanscom, 2017

7. A Lack of Printer Pages

“I’m salty about the fact that I already ran out of all my printing pages and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.” – Bridget Galvin, 2017

8. The Same Old Food

“I’m salty about BC dining when I’m a vegetarian.” – Anxhela Mile, 2017

9. Just…Well…Everything

“I’m salty about a lot of things. I feel like it’s my dominant state of being.” – Heather Roman-Stork, 2016

10. Even the Word “Salty”

“I don’t endorse the word salty, so I suppose I’m salty about the word salty.” – Nick Robinson, 2016

Caitlin is a senior English and Theatre major at Boston College. She likes books, theatre, and inspirational quotes, and knows way too much about cheese.

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