10 Reasons Sophomore Year Might Suck

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When freshmen become sophomores, everyone thinks college does a 180. We finally get in to the best parties. With a decent pick time, we can score more interesting classes. We’ve found a chill group of friends. We know our way around campus, which campus police officers to avoid on Friday nights and that using a tray at the dining hall is like wearing a giant dunce cap that reads “Freshman.” The fact is, though, that some things just don’t change. And the things that do change aren’t always the glorious new idealizations we concocted in our minds.

1. Not Everyone Changes for the Better

“Apparently freshmen douchebags just turn into sophomore douchebags.”

-Caroline,* Junior, Boston College

2. Some Moms are Stubborn

“My mom still refused to do my laundry, even though my dorm is 15 minutes from our house.”

-Jack, Junior, University of Illinois Chicago

3. There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Fun

“Sophomore year was my most hangover-filled year of college.”

-Danny, Senior, Stanford University

4. There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Fun: Part Two

“I hate that I got sluttier sophomore year.”

-Alexa, Junior, Boston College

5. Don’t Forget, Classes Get Harder

“As a freshman, I thought gen chem was pretty hard. Until orgo. Orgo made me want to die.”

-Connor, Junior, Boston College

6. The Burden of Drinking Responsibly

“Being a sophomore meant no longer having an excuse for not knowing my tolerance level.”

-Jenny, Senior, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

7. Decisions, Decisions…

“Sophomore year was my personal hell of switching majors four times.”

-Will, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Class of 2015

8. Doing Adult Things

“I had to learn how to cook and buy my own food because I had a kitchen and was off the dining plan. Becoming an adult is a hassle.”

-Alec, Senior, Boston College

9. Expect the Unexpected

“My FWB unexpectedly transferred at the start of sophomore year.”

-Jenny, Junior, DePaul University

10. And Sometimes Stuff Just Happens

“My sister got more annoying sophomore year.”

-Will, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Class of 2015

So, this year might not live up to your expectations. Hell, college in general might not live up to your expectations. Like it or not, fall semester has arrived and everyone–anxious freshmen and stoked seniors alike–has to look toward the year ahead. Maybe you’ll find true love this year, experience grief like you never have or find your second year in college merely satisfactory. Who knows? The possibilities are endless (and terrifying). Just keep it all in perspective and expect to get as much out of your sophomore year as you put forth.

*Last names withheld for privacy.

Sophomore at Boston College. Studying political science and English. Born and raised in Chi Town.

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