10 Best Events for Las Vegas Virgins

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Las Vegas, America’s playland. Where consumerism, flash and supreme indulgence meet for a collision of fun, games and excess. Don’t know what to do in Las Vegas? Cut the neon and check out some of these top attractions during your Las Vegas trip. Get up and shake some glitter on your clothes, now… and tear up the town! If you’re ready for Vegas ASAP, enter to win our $1,750 Vegas & Grand Canyon Getaway!

Here is everything you need to add to your “what to do in Vegas” checklist.

1. Get Your Dance on From the Pool Parties to the Night Clubs

You haven’t lived until you’ve jumped into a pool without worrying about your bathing suit flying off, ladies. Forget the one piece and check out Naked Pool, a topless pool where you can jump in all you want (just don’t forget your bottoms!). If that sounds too tame for your Vegas trip, check out a Vegas pool party. Marquee Dayclub has the hype, the cool pool and the hot dance floor. Or you can shoot for the even more notorious, Rehab, at Hard Rock Café’s pool. Then when you’re what to do in Vegas during the night, catch a celeb (like Nick Jonas or the Chainsmokers) performing or letting loose at XS, Tryst or the currently poppin’ Hakkasan.

2. Place Your Bet at the Golden Nugget

Are you going to get lucky on your Las Vegas trip? Try your hand at blackjack at the Golden Nugget, one of the most famous casinos in Vegas, because, while one of the oldest casinos in Vegas, it still shines. You might have seen its gleam out of Bond’s car windows in Dimonds are Forever. Not into table games with old pros? Try out one of the 2,200 slots at the Palms. Even if your hand is sh-t and the house, as always, wins, you might meet a cutie to walk you home. Putting it all on red might not be the only way you’ll get lucky tonight.

3. Drank with Mermaids

Pay the entrance fee, don’t forget to tip and you’ll have unlimited free cocktails at any casino during your Las Vegas trip. But if gambling’s not you game, the finest, most decorative Vegas bars will welcome you with open doors and top shelf bottles. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawn in by an elegant place to sip your Scotch on the rocks or the decadent flash that makes the background to any Insta cocktail pic stand out, Vegas bars have you covered. Try the Mermaid Bar and Lounge at the Silverton, where women in tails literally swim by and wave to you or or bring some shades to shield the dazzle from the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan. Just don’t forget to put your hotel address into Uber while you can still see straight for a safe trip home.

4. Catch a Cirque Show

Music and magic come to life in all Las Vegas trips. You’ve probably heard of Cirque du Soleil’s show, “O,” which combines acrobats, stunning performance and 1.5 million gallons of water, but did you know that’s just one of eight Cirque shows? If you’d rather heat up than water down your romance, “Zumanity,” the sensual, erotic side of Cirque is for you. Need to know what to do in Vegas with your parents? Avoid years of awkwardness with Cirque’s “The Beatles Love,” Blue Man Group or Jersey Boys. If none of these fit your fancy, and you’ve still got Now You See Me spinning in your mind, Las Vegas events like magicians show exist for any genre. Aside from big name headliners like David Copperfield, Vegas also features Paranormal—The Mindreading Magic Show, Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show and Piff the Magic Dragon Show.

5. Stroll CityCenter Complex

Worried your best going out jacket will get wrinkled on your Vegas trip over? Leave it at home! Then when you get to Vegas you can shop ‘till you drop. The Shops at Crystals are just one part of this complex, but they feature 50 luxury shops, like Prada and Porsche, that keep your wallet out. The best part? Not only does it shine like the new glass skyscrapers you imagined, you’ll find beautiful modern art pieces spread throughout. While your friends try on 20 different pairs of shades, you can explore the halls for Maya Lin, Jenny Holzer and Claes Oldenburg, just to name a few. The added bonus: you can check out the cool green technology like the on sight power plant.

6. Hike the Grand Canyon

Once you’ve lost all your green on drinks, shows and poker, explore your green thumb. Vegas is just a short trip from both the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. While the dam tour comes at a cost, the payoff: a damn nice view. Check out one of man’s greatest constructions and then turn around and check out one of nature’s greatest wonders. Not into a three day journey that requires flashlights? Try Lost Creek Waterfall (only one mile) or Pine Creek Canyon (four miles) if you’re looking to make an afternoon of it. The best way to get away from the Vegas lights is to go somewhere where you can see the stars.

7. Go Hardcore Neon

Vegas has some of the most fascinating museums. Get your mafia on at the Mob Museum or relive the good old days at the Pinball Hall of Fame. City lights not bright enough for you? The Neon Museum will electrify you till dusk. Want to get away from it all and collect yourself? Duck into the Polaroid Fotobar and Museum. There you can print your favorite digital images from your different Las Vegas events, explore their snapping gift store and check out tons of Polaroids. 

8. Take a Selfie with an Elvis Priest

You might not be ready to tie the knot, but you can sure give your SO some shivers when you ask them to take you to a chapel. Regardless of your level of commitment, you can’t miss people watching, one of the greatest Las Vegas events, at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel (one of the few chapels that isn’t also a hotel). And get yourself a stalk at the Denny’s chapel, which offers a pancake wedding cake. If you don’t get a gumball machine ring or a selfie with an Elvis priest, did you even really go on a Vegas trip?

9. Embrace the Waterworks at Bellagio

Your “what to do in Vegas” list isn’t complete without the Fountains of Bellagio, the ultimate Vegas must. These iconic fountains run every 30 to 15 minutes from 3 p.m. to midnight. The water dances to pop, Broadway, opera and classical music with glowing and pulsing lights. No matter who you are or where you come from, you’re sure to find a magical water performance you enjoy. Just make sure you pee before you head over.

10. Walk the Strip

A walk down the strip is not for the faint of heart, but if you bring your sneakers on your Vegas trips, you’re in for a dazzling four miles. Check out the swanky resorts and, at the Southernmost tip, the iconic Vegas sign. But, if walking in the sweltering heat sounds like your perfect nightmare, escape to The Venetian. This hotel takes you away from the hustle and bustle, transporting you to Venice, Italy. Rest your hangover and snuggle up to you lover in a gondola complete with a singing Italian and scenic 15-minute trip around the Grand Canal Shops and kisses under the many bridges.

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