The 10 Best Shows to Binge Watch in 2017

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You finished watching Shameless. Your Netflix queue is just filled with Disney movies and classic comedies like The Office that you’ve finished three times. So what do you put on? Luckily, 2017’s got your back with tons of new addicting shows. From major cable services to your favorite screaming giants and fantasy to new period pieces, there’s really something for everyone.

Check out 2017’s 10 most addicting shows that’ll make you want to binge all day long.

1. Santa Clarita Diet

With big name stars like Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, Netflix’s newest original delights audiences with a fresh (no pun intended) twist on the zombie trope. It follows newly dead realtor Sheila (perfectly cast as the loveable Drew Barrymore) and her unfortunate adventures. The family must figure out how to adjust to her new, um, appetite. Let’s just say she’s not going vegan.

2. Big Little Lies

Think Pretty Little Liars, but for adults. Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon come together as the Lulu Lemon wearing moms you never thought you’d see together. But we definitely aren’t complaining. The show tells the story of Monterey moms Madeline, Celeste and newcomer Jane as they navigate their children’s second year of grade school.  Through a series of present-day interviews and a closer look at the events leading up to a homicide that threatens to tear apart the Monterey community, Big Pretty Lies throws us deep into a sort of Mean Girls-like social warfare where words cut deeper than any weapon.

3. Taboo

Oh hi, Tom Hardy. And hi, Tom Hardy with abs and African bush tats.  The show follows the actor as James Keziah Delaney in BBC’s newest period piece. He’s just an average dude who mysteriously disappeared to Africa 10 years ago. After returning home to London after his dad dies, we’re immersed into his world, complete with a tragic backstory and unexplainable supernatural powers.

4. Riverdale

Yeah I know. The show looks like just another cheesy teen drama along the same lines as ABC Family’s Twisted. It’s anything but. Based on the characters by Archie comics, the show opens with a gruesome murder that hottie (and aspiring musician- can you say high school heartthrob any louder) Archie witnesses. The show contains a diverse cast of characters (hi, Kevin Keller) that are anything but your typical high school tropes, making Riverdale so much more than just another 40 minutes of letterman-wearing teens.

5. Legion

The Marvel Universe is back and better than ever with FX’s new show Legion. The show gives off an X-Men vibe- but brings to the table the dry humor of Aubrey Plaza and the sarcastic delivery of newcomer Dan Stevens. In Legion, David Haller is stuck in a mental institution after intense hallucinations cause him to be diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Of course, that’s not the truth. After discovering he has awesome telekinetic powers, he’s brought to a school (unfortunately not to Xavier’s School for the Gifted) where he realizes the true extent of his abilities. And he makes some interesting friends along the way.

6. Victoria

If you couldn’t get enough of PBS’ Downtown Abbey or the new Netflix Original The Crown, check out PBS’ new show Victoria. The show is extensively researched and most of the source material comes from Queen Victoria’s personal diaries. Brought to life by the talented costumers and set producers at PBS this all makes for a beautiful rendition of life as a 19th-century royal. With familiar cast such as Jenna Coleman as well as new favorites like Peter Firth and Paul Rhys, this show will delight your favorite history buff.

7. Superior Donuts

CBS’ newest comedy serves up fresh comedy every Monday night. The show follows Arthur, an old donut shop owner that just can’t seem to keep up in an era of kale smoothies and Snapchat. With a little help from the new kid on the block, Franco, Arthur finds a way to navigate the changing world. The show seems to draw from comedies like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in scope and cheesy rom-coms in plot. But they make it work, proving that cable comedies in the age of Hulu and Amazon Prime can still be relevant.

8. Crashing

Crashing uses comedy to make fun of being a comedy. The show revolves around Pete Holmes, an actual guy who is kind of a big deal in HBO’s version of 2017. It has plenty of laughs, but plenty of inter-personal drama, too. Holme’s wife (played by Lauren Lapkus) is adulterous, leaving him all alone in the tumultuous sea of the New York City stand up scene. In the end, however, the show is really about making it big against all odds and how to stand back up from any setbacks along the way.

9. The Handmaid’s Tale

If you have a Hulu subscription, now is the time to rejoice. Though its newest original won’t air until April, the trailer we’re offered leaves us on the edge of our seats. The thriller is based on Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name. It takes place in a new society ruled by right winged extremists and religious fundamentalists who restore women to their rightful “place” as a means to repopulate a dying world. Interesting timing, huh.

10. Young Pope

HBO is really killing 2017, as evident by its newest hit, The Young Pope. Visually striking and appealing to a wide variety of audiences (Jude Law’s version of the populous drinks Cherry Coke in his robes), this newest original tells the story of an American Pope, who wreaks all sorts of havoc in the Vatican. And not in a good way. Somewhat comedic, somewhat dramatic, and all over addictive, HBO’s newest is one show you won’t want to miss.

Hilary is a first year English and Medical Geography Student at the University of Florida. She enjoys binge watching Parks and Recreation, drinking cappuccinos, and on occasion, dressing up as Princess Merida.

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