YouTube’s Newest Sensation Miley Carterr on Being Yourself

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Imagine going through one of the toughest times of your life–but on camera. Miley Carterr does just that on YouTube. Carterr, a YouTuber with more than 13,000 subscribers, continues to bring content that connects to every one.

College Magazine sat down with Miley to talk about her goals, channel and future endeavors.

College Magazine: How did you get into YouTube?

Miley Carterr: Originally, I started in high school because when I came out as trans. I started to get a lot of exposure. I was popular already, but after coming out as trans I saw a lot of heterosexual people and people within the LGBTQIA community come to me for advice. So I really started out on YouTube giving advice through my videos.

CM: Why did you think YouTube was the best platform? Why did you decide to get into YouTube? You could’ve given advice through something else, why was YouTube what you picked?

Carterr: YouTube was my first choice because I love video recording. I’m photogenic, but I really like recording videos and the whole editing process. Back then, [for me] YouTube wasn’t what it is now. It was more of a hobby at first, but then I really enjoyed it. Now, it’s like I’m getting so much exposure to companies, and I’m getting sponsorships. So now it’s more like my job.

CM: I’ve watched your channel before, and I’ve seen the growth from where you started to now. I’ve noticed that you’ve done vlogs and made some videos while you were in school. How did you balance being a student and producing content as much as you were?

Carterr: Honestly, it was a battle because sometimes I was so stressed out about a test or a school period, and I didn’t feel like recording. I think the major thing is having that balance with school and YouTube because like I said it’s just like a job. Especially, how [much] you have to do it now. It’s so much more work. I tried to set aside days. So some days I would pre-record videos and schedule them to upload later throughout the week.

CM: What can someone who has never been on your channel expect to see?

Carterr: They can expect to see someone very outgoing, very outspoken and somebody real. [I produce] real content that is raw. I will say that sometimes my channel can be real sentimental and emotional when I discuss my transition. I will post a video that will depict me crying because when it comes to me and my subscribers, I want to have a personal connection with them where I feel I can open up.

CM: Did you have a YouTube inspiration? Like someone you wanted to emulate, or have you been creating a path for yourself as you go?

Carterr: Honestly, I literally look up to no one. I love creating my own path. Now, I may see a video or two and see how they do their video and say, “Okay, maybe I can do a video like that.“

CM: What kind of software do you use?

Carterr: I use iMovie right now, but when I was in school I was using an iMac to edit, but now I just used my phone.

CM: What kind of content will be coming in the future?

Carterr: You can expect some skits, some short films. You should expect a lot of new things on my channel, especially with my vlogs.

CM: If you had to describe your channel in one word what would it be?

Carterr: Transition. Because physically, mentally and emotionally, I am transitioning my body. And my channel is transitioning as well. If you see my channel last year, you could see that it’s way different content wise [and] quality wise compared to this year. My channel is always changing. I am always looking for something new to do.

CM: What are your next steps–with life, YouTube, etc.?

Carterr: I’m moving to Atlanta in a few months because I have had opportunities in Atlanta and Baltimore for film projects. But because I was in school, I kept having to cancel these opportunities. So, I decided that I didn’t need to be in school to get to where I wanted to be in life.

CM: That’s cool. It’s also really mature of you take that decision. Okay, where do you see your channel in the next five years?

Carterr: My plan is to have four million subscribers. That’s my goal. I also see my channel as being one of the most inspirational channels and myself as one of the most inspirational YouTubers of all time. I just see my channel constantly growing to be something bigger, something better and just offering people better content and quality.

CM: What advice to do you have to people who are just starting out on YouTube and people who are interested in building a platform on YouTube?

Carterr: Well, first don’t do it for the money because [viewers] will be able to tell. Be yourself. With YouTube, you have to be yourself because [people] will point you out, and they will say that you’re trying to be like this person or you’re trying to be like that person. Don’t try too hard to be yourself, though. If that makes sense. Remember that it does to time to get to where you want on YouTube.

After talking to Miley, I have gained a greater appreciation for student youtubers. Being a student and being a youtuber is all about decisions. You have to sacrifice time and you have to learn the art of balance. You embrace your true self on a platform where thousands of people can critique you everyday. Miley is living in her truth and letting her light shine.

Check out Carterr’s YouTube channel to learn more about her journey.

Laura is a sophomore at Spelman College studying English. She is a lover of books, food, and Beyonce.

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