How University of Virginia Students Celebrate Their 21st Birthday

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Charlottesville, Virginia: the ultimate site of a 21st birthday extravaganza. With a college town setting, surrounded by wine country and breweries galore the backyard of the University of Virginia ranks 14th in the nation for having the most restaurants per capita. Here, your 21st is an all day drinking and eating event. I hope you’re wearing your stretchy pants because this is going to be big.

1.“It’d be interesting to have a drink at every bar. Depending on the season though, you could go to a nice brewery or winery.”

–Julian Jordan, Senior, Systems Engineering

 2.“Pippin Hill is really nice. Dumplings for sure, or just eat out somewhere on the Corner.”

–Gordon Hamilton-Fairly, Senior, Government and Economics


 3.“Ice skating on the downtown mall, drinking wine and going to a date function with all your friends would be really fun. So would a bar crawl, getting one drink at every bar on the Corner. That would be a lot of drinks…”

–Samantha Roberts, Senior, Environmental Science

 4.“Go to Trinity! Trinity is sick on your birthday, but you’ve gotta’ go Second Floor for sure.”

– Clarke Pietruszka

 5.“Trinity. Duh.”

– Porter Chamblee, Junior, Media Studies and Art History

6.“Karaoke at Kuma Sushi.”

–Saeeda Quansah, Junior, English and Spanish

 7.“Bold Rock Cidery. It’s local to Charlottesville and they have a brand new barn that’s really cozy. They have free cider and cidery tours as well. There’s also a speak easy downtown which would be fun.”

–Jessica Drews, Junior, Kinesiology

8. “There’s a camp ground right near the Bold Rock cidery. It would be really fun to go drink at Bold Rock and then get to go pass out in a tent.”

–Brittany Mortez, Senior, Environmental Science

9.“Wine tasting or Wine and Design.“

–Meredith Wadsworth, Junior, Media Studies

 10.”Go to Bang or a restaurant downtown”

–Shelby Folmsbee, Senior, Foreign Affairs and Arabic



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