How Sorority Women Ace Their Midterms

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If the library had box wine hidden in the non-fiction section I would guarantee that more sorority women would be there. But until that day happens, we’re stuck with the rep of binging on a crazy, party lifestyle. To keep our social lives rolling and our grades high, we have to get creative come midterms. These are our inventive study tips that save our grades and keep our social lives afloat.

Monday Mornings Are So Great!

“I’ve forgotten my highlighters before, so I’ve used eyeliner instead to underline. It’s surprisingly effective!” —Alyssa Jatnieks

After a crazy weekend, it’s an accomplishment just to make it to class. Forget making it there with all the necessary supplies, too. Sorority women may forget highlighters, but we sure as hell don’t forget our makeup bags. During those frantic midterm study sessions, those eyeliner-smudged notes could be what save your grades.

Multi tasking is the name of the game.

“I’ve taped my Spanish vocab sheet to the outside of my glass shower door so I can keep cramming.” —Julia Sepulveda

When you’re stuck in the shower scrubbing off layers of makeup, shaving basically your entire body and perfecting your rendition to “She Will Be Loved,” taking a shower can easily take upwards of 45 minutes. That’s a decent chunk of time when you could also be studying.

Lights, Camera, Action!

“I make iMovies of myself teaching the study guides before major tests. Then when I get sick of the textbook, I can just watch myself explain everything in movie-form.” —Kelly Bruglar

Let’s be honest, there’s always that point where your brain turns to mush and you have to say adios to the library. But when you get home, you’re probably going to veg out and watch The Bachelor. Switching it up and watching your self-made chem lesson just may be what gets you an A on the test the next morning. Just the act of making the video, as awkward as it feels to be rambling into your web-cam, is a surprisingly effective way to learn the information. It’s a win-win.

Don’t Miss a Word of Lecture

“Recording lectures on my phone lets me listen to them while I’m driving or taking a shower. Honestly, listening to a lecture is how I justify spending a half hour painting my nails even if it’s the night before a bio test.” —Margo Parker

Once again, multi-tasking is the name of the srat-life game when it comes to fitting everything into our busy schedules. But listening to recorded lectures isn’t just for driving to Starbucks or the tanning salon. Playing them in the background as you cook dinner or clean your apartment is a perfect way to continuously absorb the information. Finding ways to cram in review sessions when you don’t have time for a marathon study-sesh in the library is key for anyone in college.

The Bae-rista

“Being a science major and a sorority woman means I either make six coffee runs a day or pass out under a lab table. If it weren’t for my barista, I’d be broke and dateless to our date-dash. The hard flirting pays off.” —Justine Fordyce

“Date-dash” in Greek speak is a dance where you bring your own date, so it’s fair game to ask anyone—including your hunky barista.

Life gets hectic. If you’re not in a serious relationship with caffeine in college, are you really in college? And if you’re tossing back multiple $7 dirty chai lattes a day with extra everything and three shots of espresso, it adds up. So finding ways to cut costs on this universal necessity is crucial. Be it flirting with the barista or forcing yourself to start enjoying Costco instant coffee, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

When a Rainbow Explodes In Your Backpack is it Really a Problem? No, No it’s Not.

“Everything has to be color coded! My planner, notebooks, binders, and pens all have to match for each class. Even Greek-related events get written in my planner in that organization’s color.” —Katie Ghiorso

Anyone who thinks Office Max just sells office supplies is dead wrong. They sell a lifestyle. A rainbow-inspired lifestyle of happiness. Find someone, Greek or not, who has color coordinated their lives and isn’t completely thrilled with it. Come on, I dare you.

There’s Never a Bad Time for a Party

“Studying and your social life don’t have to be enemies. You have to learn to juggle but I promise, it can be done.” —Susie Hirsh

In San Diego, Taco-Tuesday is a religion that speaks to members of Greek life and GDIs alike. But tequila and econ homework don’t always get along. Stumbling home only to pass out watching The Office may be perfectly fine on the weekends, but not when your grades are on the line. But I promise, even the shwastiest Tuesday nights can be salvaged. Sit at the table, grow gills and chug some water. Immediately. It will flush out your liver and prevent a Wednesday morning hangover. Put on a good pump-up playlist—Jack Johnson is not going to cut it in this situation. Powering through your midweek buzz isn’t just an art; it’s a life skill.

Yes, I’m on a Treadmill and Yes, I’m Learning Bio

“The gym already sucks so I figure watching Khan Academy while I’m on the treadmill can’t make it that much worse.” —Ashley Mitchell

Trying to squeeze into all those tight skirts and crop tops every weekend means that the gym needs to be frequented more than once a year. But that one-hour workout is really a two-hour time commitment. Post-gym primping can eat into those critical hours you should be spending in the library. So multi-tasking at the gym is essential. If you weren’t flipping through flash cards, you’d just be watching Rachael Ray on the Cooking Channel anyways, so do something productive.

Sometimes it Takes More than Luck

“I literally don’t have time to get sick. My tip would be to carry Emergen-C with you everywhere…at all times…for the rest of your life.” —Jeanelle Schneider

Sorority life isn’t always the healthiest. Crowded party buses and perpetually sharing everything can be a disaster during cold season. We chug Emergen-C and Airborne like they’re going out of style. But in general, college campuses seem to perpetuate the plague, so it’s never a bad idea to up your vitamin intake.

Study Buddy Essentials

“Find sisters you can study with.” —Kendall Resnick

Analyzing the latest gossip, boy drama and episode of New Girl with a book cracked open doesn’t count as studying. Study buddies who’ll buy you an emergency burrito when you have that inevitable midterm-meltdown in the library are rare. So when you find one, lock that down, because those depressing midterm study sessions are unbearable alone.

So there you have it. The inside scoop from sorority women on their inventive, multi-tasking how-to’s. It’s how they secretly channel their inner-nerd so they can knock midterms out of the water.

I am currently a Sophomore at University of San Diego. Cheesy rom-coms are my addiction, beach yoga is my religion and getting on a first name basis with the cute barista is my goal. Going to school in San Diego is paradise and I never plan on leaving.

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