Pick-Up Tips From… The Facebook Addict

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By Nicole Martin > Sophomore > Journalism and Sociology > Pennsylvania State University; Photos courtesy of Amanda Rodriguez and by AR > Sophomore > Graphic Design > UMBC
Have your eye on a cutie you’re too afraid to talk to in person? Try Facebook. This week, College Magazine sought the dating advice of Amanda Rodriguez, a sophomore at Penn State University and self-described Facebook fiend. See what this college girl has to say about using online flirtation skills.



CM: Tell me a little about yourself.
M: Most people call me Mandee. I am 19 years young, party girl, Facebook addict (obviously) and a self- proclaimed prophecy.

CM: What is the most “Facebook Creeping” you have ever done?

M: Logged into a friends account to stalk my then-boyfriend’s ex.

CM: What is the creepiest thing anyone has ever done to you via Facebook?

M: Several things. The creepiest must have been a message I received from a complete stranger reading: "HI BABY HOW ARE YOU? I AM YOUR NEW FRIEND." …creepy!

CM: What is the most embarrassing thing that anyone has ever posted about you on your Facebook?

 M: Probably when I was hacked and my status read, "I love big d***s,” for at least a week.

CM: Have you ever gotten in trouble by anyone such as friends, family, work, or school about something you posted on Facebook?

M: Mostly my family. They can't handle the picture depiction of my college life. Whoops, how was I supposed to know they knew what a beer bong was?

CM: Do you feel like a relationship has to be Facebook official to actually be official?

M: Now that I have my current relationship on Facebook everyone is becoming nosey and adding him; it's kind of annoying.

CM: What are your feelings about people in “It’s complicated” relationships on Facebook?

M: “It's complicated” means it's never going be a relationship. I find it kind of embarrassing for both in the "relationship." If it really is complicated, why do you feel the need to put it on Facebook?

CM: Have you ever met a relationship, hookup, etc. on Facebook?

M: No, I haven't but Facebook has helped me connect with guys I previously "hooked up" with.

CM: After meeting a potential interest, do you wait to add them on Facebook or add them right away? M: No, I never add guys first. Playing hard to get applies to Facebook as well ladies!

CM: What is the best way to flirt on Facebook?

M: I guess it would be being bold and commenting on the guy’s wall about a funny memory that happened at a party. That way he'll think you have a sense of humor recalling the memory, and it's not creepy.

CM: Is it better for them to put all of your interests and such on Facebook or do you think people should be more mysterious?

M: I totally think people should be more mysterious. It's your "social network," not your "life book." It would be no fun if you knew everything about a person without even talking to them.

CM: Are you friends with your exes on Facebook?


CM: What tells more about a person’s sexuality: their statuses, their pictures, or their interests on Facebook?

M: Definitely their pictures. The way they exude confidence in their pictures is the gateway to their sexuality.

CM: All right, last question, what advice would you gives to someone who wants to pick you up on Facebook?

M: Don’t be creepy!

College Magazine Staff

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