An Inside Look at Left Swipes & Love

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Your days spent alone with Netflix and pizza have come to an end. We’ve created your map to the college-dating scene, from your first right swipe to making it out of your breakup alive.

Students and love experts share the ins and outs of building your confidence, making the first move, hookups, relationships and much more. After your first read, you’ll know:

• How to land your dream girl
• How to pick up bros when you’re a bro
• What you don’t know about sex
• How to slide into the DM’s
• Gifts your SO actually wants
• How to make love last

….and everything else that you’re too afraid to ask your friends

You’re just one click away from being the dating guru your mom never wanted you to be.


Left Swipes and Love: A Millennial’s Guide to Hookups, Dating and Tinder is a collection of personal essays and expert advice featuring YouTube’s Vinny and Luke Vaillancourt, Human Sexuality professor Dr. Robin Sawyer and dating coaches Lauren Frances and Dennis Procopio.


If you don’t believe us, our team is already raving about it!

“This book is an honest and refreshing take on the struggles of Generation Y relationships. Most of all, it inspires college students to take themselves less seriously and learn how to be vulnerable in a culture of technology-charged egotism.” – Sofia Harris, University of Florida

Left Swipes & Love strikes a chord with me as a college student because of the candid bravery of the authors. They make me feel like I’ve experienced all of these things, whether I have or not, and help me reflect on the relationships I have experienced thus far in college without shame. Bravo!” – Meghan Gresk, Northwestern University

“I think this book embodies the truth of college relationships in an era where #RelationshipGoals give college kids unrealistic expectations, or on the other end of the spectrum, some college students struggle to pursue a college relationship due to the stigma that surrounds hook-up culture. I like how the book is honest and realistic while also entertaining and easy to comprehend.” – Erin Nebbia, University of Maryland

“I can tell so quickly this will be an ultimate guide for all millennials. Even for those who refuse to conform and accept the way sex, dating and hook-ups have transformed in this day and age will be able to relate to the content.” – Kirstin Redfield, Florida State University

“So much hard work and dedication came to make this. Although I do not conform to today’s views of sex and the hook-up culture, I could relate to some of the struggles my fellow writers wrote of. I like that the book was so readable. It wasn’t overly verbose, but understandable and to the point.” –Rocio Cosme, University of Florida

“What an honest and insightful read. From the expert interviews to the detailed guides catered to all romantic situations, this truly encapsulates how our generation should navigate the dating world.” – Erika Bell, University of Michigan

“I think this e-book has something for everyone. Whether you’re single, in a relationship or just ended one. It relates to my current situation in life and makes me wish I had it for other times.” – Amanda Bello, University of Florida

“This book recognizes the many truths of today’s romance and dating culture, without totally annihilating the concepts of chivalry and true love. It holds authentic and realistic accounts that only enhance the realities of dating in the 21st century” – Sara Malinow, University of Maryland

“Left Swipes and Love an honest depiction of the colleges dating and hook-up culture. It doesn’t beat around the bush and answers a lot of questions students are thinking but are too afraid to ask.” – Abigail Piper, Notre Dame

“Everyone’s curious about navigating sex and dating in college, but learning about it is more than a bit challenging. First-hand experience will only get you so far, and calling up dear old mom to ask about navigating pregnancy isn’t something I’m interested in. This book is a really nifty read. It’s easy and entertaining to read, and there’s something for everyone who cracks the cover.” – Kristen Romes, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Left Swipes & Love gives college kids a real genuine guide to finding love in college, written by college kids themselves! I know what I’m getting everyone for their birthday this year (Sorry dad, you’re not getting one).” – Brandon Cordoves, Florida State University

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Here’s a sneak peek!


I. Getting the Girl (or Guy)

Meredith Grey was just a girl at a bar, and Derek was just a guy at a bar. Maybe, you’re just a naked dude in a fountain.

Boost your Confidence and Get the Girl

By Max Dietz

Everyone wants to be the Barney of the friend group, but unfortunately most of us are Ted’s. You’re still standing at the bar at last call, while the girl of your dreams is stumbling out on the arm of a frat bro. Why did that jerk get the girl?

Dennis Procopio, founder of Man-Up! Life Coaching meets one-on-one with millennials to help them gain confidence in dating. A graduate of Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in NYC, Procopio started coaching professionally 15 years ago. He has helped hundreds of guys navigate the dating world and facilitated 50 dramatic and obvious transformations through coaching. Now he’s here to answer your burning questions on how to get a girlfriend while being your true self.

CM: What’s the best way to meet a girl?

DP: The number one thing a man can do is talk to a woman. True attraction is always mutual. If you find a girl attractive, she probably thinks you are too. Just say hello, and don’t make it about sex.

CM: What attracts girls most to guys?

DP: Every man I know is a man who needs to learn to be less inhibited artistically and if it’s a guy who has already got a talent, then he needs to learn to be creative in an area where he is not comfortable. If he is a wicked guitar player then he should learn how to draw. Creativity is literally the number one—it is emo- tional Viagra.

CM: What can guys do to find a girlfriend?

DP: [Guys need to] find out what it is that they love and go out and do it. When dudes do something that they truly enjoy, they are going to meet women out there who enjoy the same things.

CM: How important is money when it comes to impressing girls?

DP: Women respond to the following in this order: confidence, talent and honesty. Money is like having a big dick. Money and a big dick make you feel confident and women like confidence, but they don’t really care about it. For women dating in this age group, confidence is king.

CM: How can college guys improve their online dating profiles?

DP: The number one mistake that dudes make is that they have a fictitious idea in their head of what wom- en want and they set up a post that is kind of bait. Dudes should, instead of trying to be what women want, figure out what they want in a woman and elicit that message as honestly as possible. They might only get five percent of the matches they would have gotten, but those five percent are probably the people that you should be dating anyway. Those are the people that you’re genuinely compatible with.

CM: What challenges do college guys face when it comes to dating?

DP: The biggest problem that I have observed is that men do not realize that they are creative, men do not realize they are intuitive, men do not realize that they are kind…We are rude; we’re brutal. We are basically bombarded with stereotypes that become self-fulfilling prophesies.

CM: What’s the number one way that college guys can boost their dating confidence?

DP: Self-love is the number one problem that men have. Confidence comes from learning to love yourself. Learning to love yourself comes from learning to be healing. How do we heal rather than judge? By loving others. How do we love others? Through acts of kindness. The number one thing guys can do to [boost his] confidence is acts of kindness without thinking about it as something that is going to get them laid.

Get the rest of the interview and the full book Left Swipes & Love here.

Daniel Kuhn is a senior studying journalism at Penn State University. A great companion. Just don't feed him after midnight.

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