Inspiring Spaces: Art in College Living

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This month, College Magazine is all about art—in all of its forms and facets. From student art shows to fashion showcases to music highlights we are in love with everything that students are doing—and what their art is doing for them. This week, we’re taking a look into how art has trickled into college living spaces, manifesting itself in room design and décor.

Kristin Krawchuk, a senior from the College of Charleston, has manifested a cool and classic chic in her apartment, reminiscent of the Northeast beach house. Making the space unique while working with what her apartment offered, Krawchuk used the dark blue painted walls to her advantage, adding white and silver pieces to keep the area bright and clean.  Krawchuk and roommates used one-of-a-kind finds from flea markets and TJ Maxx, and reupholstered fabrics to keep with their white-and-blue zen. The space is minimal yet homey, creating a Martha’s Vineyard-esque feel to their college abode.

Steve Hylwak from Penn State University has used artwork from an old roommate and close friend, G Rivers, in creating his inspiring space.  Rivers needed a place to store some of his pieces, which in turn became much of Hylwak’s apartment décor. Hylwak explains that the pieces are just doodles from Rivers’s notebook blown up to bigger sizes.

Miles Morin, a senior from the University of Virginia, has enhanced his traditional Jeffersonian style apartment with his own very modern, and very colorful, paintings. To some, the apartment is a work of art in itself, complete with French doors, ornate columns, crown molding and hardwood floors. However Morin, along with his roommate and one of his best customers, Jack Aspinwall, have complimented the classic white space adding pieces of Morin’s work, characteristically composed of brightly-colored blocks of paint that come together to make a vivid depiction of some real-life scene. You can check out Morin’s work at

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