How to Be the Best College Sports Fan Ever

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College comes with parties, people and pride. Pride for your school and pride for your team. If you go to a school with a big football, basketball, soccer, hockey or lacrosse team then it is important to know how to show your pride and support your team. Heck, it's important to be a huge fan even if your school is only good at fencing (cough, NYU). You’ll be one step closer to victory if you take the advice of students and alumni from high-spirited schools on how to be the best fan ever.

“We wear our Nova Nation t-shirts we get at orientation for every game day to show our school is united in supporting our team,” Rebecca Rourke Villanova University, sophomore.

“The best thing about going to a big school is the contagious school spirit. It’s the only place where you can wear a belly shirt with PSU on you stomach in freezing winter months and then get thrown up in a 106,000 person stadium when you score. WE ARE PENN STATE!” Dana Almeida, Pennsylvania State University, 2010.

"You’re not a real fan until you've been in the big house,” [University of Michigan’s football stadium, the largest stadium in America] Alec Brodsky, University of Michigan, sophomore.

“Memorize the fight song,” Judy Lansky, University of Maryland, 2012.

“Always stay on your feet… no sitting allowed! Show a lot of energy and be loud!” Danielle Ruthberg, University of Connecticut, sophomore.

“If you don't actually know sports, fake it; not knowing the good players can be awkward,” Emily Cohen, Duke University, sophomore.

“Every Saturday, my best friends and I were decked out from head to toe in our blue and white. My favorite football memory was traveling to Ohio State my junior year- we had a blast and won! As an alumni, I still bleed blue and white and will be forever faithful to dear old State,” Molly Beth, Pennsylvania State University, 2010.

“Even at a smaller school we show our school spirit by lining the track to watch the games as opposed to going in the stands to be closer to the game. Everytime we score someone starts the wave and it goes all around the track,” Nicole Ratto, Lynchburg College, sophomore.

“Don’t be afraid to go all out for the rival games and paint your face or make signs,” Anh Lee, sophomore.

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