Going Home for the Holidays: We’re Just Here for the Food

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Fall is easily characterized by basic girls taking pictures in pumpkin patches, going out of your way to step on crunchy sounding leaves and, of course, home-cooked holiday meals. Most fall-tivities are easily achieved on almost any campus, but the latter is only gained by going home for holiday breaks. If you’re torn about buying that plane ticket back to your old stomping grounds, don’t bother making a pro-con list–we did that for you.


Duh, Food and Family

“I can’t wait to cook with my mom. Holidays aren’t as special to me unless I am cooking with her.” – Ashley Noel, Sophomore, University of Florida

Sibling Story Time

“I look forward to seeing my family and being able to hear about and experience the minutiae of their lives.” – Kaitlyn Lee, Senior, University of Florida

…Story Time by xoxo Gossip Girl

“Getting updated on all the family gossip I miss out on going to school four hours away from home.” – Megan Allen, Sophomore, University of Central Florida

Small Furry People

“I love being able to spend some quality time with my family and my dog. Especially my dog.” – Bria Adams, Sophomore, University of Tampa

Escaping Any Bad Weather

“Getting out of the snow and heading to the beach! Fall in Maryland is much different than fall in Miami!” – Valerie Lamb, Sophomore, McDaniel College

Holiday Surprises

“My brother is in the military and is stationed in Hawaii so sometimes he will surprise us with a visit, so I look forward to seeing if he will come home for the holidays.” – Su Hninyi, Sophomore, University of Florida

Hibernating Forever

“Because I live so far from home–about 1,200 miles away–I only visit home two to three times a semester, so I really enjoy sleeping in my own bed.” – Adriana Bendeck, Junior, Purdue University

Not-Furry Humans

“I look forward to going home for the holidays to see my parents, my sister, who no longer lives at home and my grandparents, cousins and uncle, who we only see on the holidays. My family is unusually close and we do everything together.” – Kaitlyn Crawford, Sophomore, Purdue University

Saying Bye Bye Bye to Responsibilities

“I like having time to relax and rejuvenate.” – Desirae Lee, Sophomore, University of Florida

Being Blissfully Alone: No Roommates, No Problem

“I look forward to being away from campus and having my own space and time.” – Kelsey Stolz, Sophomore, Purdue University


18 Going on 8

“My parents seem to forget that I’m in college and can make my own decisions. It’s like I am in high school again and that is very frustrating. Essentially going home is me limiting my freedom as an adult.” – Ashley Noel, Sophomore, University of Florida

I Already Know How to Adult, Mom!

“I don’t love having to return to a new set of rules…as I have now established myself as an adult and my own rules, it’s difficult to have to return to those of my parents.” – Kaitlyn Lee, Senior, University of Florida

Playing 20 Questions

“Getting asked the same questions: ‘How’s college?’ ‘How’s your sorority?’”– Hannah Hanania, Sophomore, University of Florida

99 Problems and They’re all about Packing

“This is my first year going home for Thanksgiving since being away at school, and it’s so much harder to plan than I thought. There are so many ways to go, it took me a week to book my travel plans.” – Bria Adams, Sophomore, University of Tampa

Feeling Forever Alone

“I’ve gotten so close with so many people at McDaniel that when I go home for breaks that are a week or two long, I feel like I have too much time to myself.” –Valerie Lamb, Sophomore, McDaniel College

Spring Cleaning in December

“I’m stuck at home helping around with the full day of cleaning. It’s a nice bonding experience with my parents, but still sucks to be cleaning the interior and exterior of the house.” –Su Hninyi, Sophomore, University of Florida

Changing Schedules

“Being bored. After being away for months at a time, you create a routine that you become used to. Once you go back home, you have to change your routine because things are different, and you are not able to do the things you usually do.” –Adriana Bendeck, Junior, Purdue University

What Do You Mean I Have to Go Back?

“It’s only temporary. Being from California and going to school in Maryland, I don’t go home for Thanksgiving, only Christmas, so three weeks never really feels that long.” – Grace Lyons, Sophomore, McDaniel College

The GPA Interrogations

“Being hounded about my grades.” –Desirae Lee, Sophomore, University of Florida

Is this Thanksgiving or Drama Class?

“Dealing with family drama” – Trista DeBolt, Sophomore, Purdue University

It’s clear to see that family is one of those things we can’t live with, but can’t live without. Without our moms, who would be there to prepare that mouth-watering holiday roast? But as soon as dinner is finished, the main mission is dodging countless interrogations by family members about what happens at college sans parental supervision. Remember too much of anything is never good; that goes for family time and that second helping of dessert…actually, getting a second plate of dessert is always a good idea.

Jayna is a junior at The University of Florida studying journalism while earning a minor in innovation. She is undoubtedly a Swiftie and is always looking at cat photos on the internet. Her spare time is spent on Netflix or napping.

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