College Life According to Anime

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Moments from your favorite Toonami shows can easily be applied to college life. Who knew Super Saiyans, ninjas, half-demons, alchemists and adorable super-powered animals were so relatable?

When you first walk into your dorm freshman year:

When you eat at the dining hall for the first time:

When you get back from the dining hall after that first night:

Whenever you ace an exam:

When you see a roach in your dorm room:

When you start feeling nostalgic about your high school friends #neverforget:

When you just can’t do any more homework:

When you invite your buddies over for a late-night video game session in your dorm:

When the cute girl in class sits *extra* close to you:

When you piss bae off:

When you bond with a professor twice your age:

When you see a dog on campus and you have no idea what to do with yourself:

When nobody knows how to pose for the pregame group Instagram photo:

When your professor lets you know you done good:

When you better haul ass to class, son!:

When you gotta hunt for food because your bank account says you broke:

When you’re *finally* alone in your dorm:

Whenever you boss a paper:

When you’re pissed at your professor and she’s not looking:

When you hit the game-winning shot for your intramural basketball team:

When you have no social skills and can’t pick up on the signs:

When someone tries to talk to bae, thinking you’re not around:

When her Tinder profile says “If you’re not at least 5’8″ swipe left”:

When you feel like showing off at the gym:

When you try to catch your falling GPA:

When you and your random group members *actually* get along:

When you surprise yourself by getting a good grade:

When you so tired you about to go crazy:

When you want to say something special to your partner but have no idea what to say:

When you wonder “what’s next after college?”:

Austin is in his final year at the University of Florida studying English. He enjoys binging on Shark Tank, winning the Mortal Kombat, and occasionally stepping in for Batman when necessary.

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