College Dating and Partying Myths

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No one really knows exactly what to expect during their first year of college, especially when it comes to dating and partying. These seniors shared what they learned as freshman about telling college myths from realities.

Movie Mishap

Myth: Guys, if you’re getting your info from American Pie or Van Wilder, college can be made out to be one big frat party, where the girls are half-naked and there’s a great DJ and more alcohol than water on campus. However, that is not the case.

“My first frat party was just a bunch of sweaty dudes hitting on chicks who weren’t interested, an iPod plugged into a computer speaker and was BYOB.” –Craig McKay, Senior, Florida State University-Jacksonville

Reality: College parties may not be as crazy as the movies, but they can definitely be a lot of fun. There are plenty of times in college that you will wake up in the morning thinking Asher Roth wrote “I Love College” about your life.


Myth: Ladies, high expectations from movies is not just for the guys, except that instead of giant frat parties, we are suckers for the hopeless romantic stuff. Too many movies have made us believe that we will be swept off our feet by the perfect gentleman. Unfortunately, that may be as real as the epic frat parties.

“So I thought that college was where you were supposed to meet your future husband or wife because it is the first time on your own. I learned pretty quickly that most guys are not looking for a soul mate. You’re lucky if they call you the next day.” –Amy Osborn, Senior, Marymount University

Reality: While most college guys aren’t looking to settle down quite yet, you can meet some really great guys at school. Even if they aren’t looking for commitment, or hey, maybe they are, they can still be a lot of fun to hang out with.


Myth: In high school, if you had an ex or a hookup, there was no doubt you were going to run into them in the hallway. Going to college, you think that would change. Well no matter how big the campus is, it’s always going to be a small world and there is no major on escaping awkward moments.

“I am constantly running into hookups on the bus or on campus. It is probably the most awkward thing ever.” –Lisa Sears, Senior, Ohio State University

Reality: No matter where you go, awkward moments will always occur– but you can always make light of the situation. If you run into a hookup, just act like it’s no big deal, or crack a joke. Laughter can always hide how uncomfortable you really feel.

One Big Party

Myth: Probably the biggest myth about college is that every day at college is a party. Well, you learn pretty quickly about homework, papers, finals-week and the most dreadful of all: hangovers.

“After I graduated high school I was so excited about going to college thinking that I would just party every day like I heard about so much. Well that wasn’t a myth, I did party every day, too bad I failed that first semester and had to take summer classes.”  –Adam Galloway, Senior, University of Illinois

Reality: So who says we’re just going to college to get an education? Certainly not anyone that’s in college! All the work and the stress is what makes relaxing and partying that much better. It is like rewarding yourself after a long week…and trust me…we need it!

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